Direct Connect Teams Up with

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Direct Connect Auto Transport has recently teamed up with renowned classic car website to provide more alternatives to classic car shippers, including a brand-new instant quote calculator for auto transport prices. The new widget was recently installed on the classic car website, and has functionality rarely – if ever seen – on other instant auto transport quote calculators. Ease-of-access for customers was a priority during design, and Direct Connect is happy to say that it is working incredibly well. If you’re a browser of, maybe you should take a look at the widget. You can also click on a link provided by Direct Connect’s widget and read more information regarding what went into the quote you were given as well as ways that you can add in more information to get a more finely-tuned car shipping quote.

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Direct Connect Has What You Need

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If you’ve never visited while on the quest for reliable car transport services, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. With over twenty years’ experience in the auto transport industry, what’s there to lose? Direct Connect has been a car shipping leader for decades now, and their reputation speaks for itself. In an industry where workforce turnaround is high and customer loyalty low, it pays to have a direct connection (see what we did there?) to a reliable auto shipper. And Direct Connect is just that. Follow the link provided above and see what Direct Connect Auto can do for you and your transport needs – even if you already have a reliable shipper, what’s the harm in a bit more research? You’ll thank us later.

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(619) 826-5610

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Customer support is one of those things that people never want to deal with until they have to – from beginning to end, dealing with customer support is never fun. For anyone. But Direct Connect Auto Transport has this whole new system setup to handle customer support. It allows for more open access to various communication techniques and allows customer service agents to better assist their customers in the long run. Agents have new methods for contacting, communicating with and updating their customers, while customers have increased access to their agent and have much more control over the information regarding their vehicle during transit, pickup and delivery, and more. The system looks very promising, to say the least, and could completely change the way that carriers and shippers interact with their customers.

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(925) 927-2385

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5863802548 is a much larger industry than most people actually realize. Despite being a relatively backwater state as of recent years (thanks to the decline of manufacturing here in the States), it’s a huge hub for auto transporters looking to haul cars into Manhattan, and since they can’t get onto the island typically, they’ll drop their loads off in nearby New Jersey and allow customers to simply drive them back home. This system works well, but it also means that shipping to or from New Jersey is typically cheaper during most times of the year than other parts of the country, which means you can save a bit of cash instead of trying to find a company to take it straight into the city proper.

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Car shipping in New York can be a major problem if you’re shipping to or from any of the five boroughs of New York City – or upper New York – or anywhere in the Catskill Mountains…or, really, anywhere. New York is actually a pretty difficult state for auto shippers to move in or out of, which is ironic considering New York City is perhaps the most popular auto shipping destination for most customers in the industry. However, just because auto shippers don’t like going up there doesn’t mean they won’t – they just won’t do it for cheap. Chances are you’ll be paying a bit more than average to ship your vehicle to or from New York, so be sure to check around and gather multiple quotes before making a decision on who’s going to ship your car.

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Auto Shipping to Las Vegas

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Let’s face it: we all love Vegas. The City of Sin, as it’s known, home to the biggest and brightest casinos in the entire world. It’s an adult-oriented paradise; who wouldn’t want to live there? But if you’re looking to ship your vehicle to or from there, chances are you may run into some roadblocks. For starters, Vegas is in the middle of nowhere, which means that unless there are a lot of other people going in or out of the city, chances are you’ll be stuck waiting for pickup for a bit. That said, you’ll probably want to talk to Direct Connect about insect flower, as they can answer all those burning questions you have (though you’ll want to ask someone else about standing on 17).

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Military Auto Shipping and You

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Are you looking for a reliablemilitary auto shipper? If you didn’t know, the military will only pay for one vehicle to be transported; any additional vehicles are up to you to move at your own personal expense, and finding a company who can give military members a good discount isn’t necessarily difficult, but not all of them do. If you’re looking to ship a military vehicle, though, you may want to have the dimensions of the vehicle ready ahead of time. If it’s a standard Jeep that’s one thing, but say you need to ship a decommissioned Sherman tank from the WWII surplus store. How are you going to move that? Well, give Direct Connect a call, they’ll be able to tell you. Check out the link above to read more.

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If you’re looking for 617-502-5617 services, you’re probably going to have to wait until the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is all cleaned up. Seriously, New York State is pretty much a mess right now, and if you’re looking to ship to or from the state it’s going to be a bit. The city of New York is still under water and deserted after the evacuations. The auto transport is reeling too, as right now is the best time to ship to or from the state and it’s really taking its toll on the industry. So if you’re looking to ship to or from New York, watch the news and keep your eyes peeled for when trucks start going in and out again.

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Tips on Boston Auto Transportation

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When it comes to Boston auto transportation, a lot of people like to think that they can just get in and out of the heart of the city without any hassle. But Boston, like any major city, is just as hard for an auto transport truck to get in or out of as any other 18-wheeler on the road: in other words, it’s darn near impossible. If you’re looking to ship a vehicle to or from Boston, you should be aware that it’ll probably be cheaper simply to move it to a bedroom city or somewhere off a major interstate with plenty of room for a truck to maneuver. It’s hard getting through tight spaces, so any way you can make it easier on the shipper will definitely be rewarded.

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When it comes to auto transport to or from Atlanta, plenty of people know how brokers and lead providers work. But what about carriers? When it comes to Atlanta car carriers, your carrier actually doesn’t need to be based in Atlanta (unless it’s a local move as opposed to a cross-country one). They can be based anywhere, and truthfully many car carriers are based in cities far from where they operate, because they’re operating across the country. They travel coast-to-coast picking up and delivering cars, so you don’t necessarily need any Atlanta car carriers just to get a vehicle to or from Atlanta. They could be from Fargo, or Pittsburgh, or Santa Fe, even!

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