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what does guane do?

guane focuses on four main economy sectors: energy, health care, commerce and environment. We formulate scientifically-based solutions that combine tools from Internet of Things, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, independently or integrated, to provide efficient and complete solutions for your business model. We offer you solutions on:

Sustainable development is an opportunity niche. guane partnerships with the leading companies in the cargo sector to focus on the efficiency of fuel consumption in heavy-duty trucks. Based on guane-own-developed algorithms, we constructed a prediction model for fuel consumption that is being extended to incorporate customized optimization features for cargo companies. Optimal fuel consumption translate into sustainable development.

health care

Telemedicine promises lowering medication cost, direct guidance and training of patients, improved compliance, reduce period of hospitalization, transparency of cost and services, optimization of therapy using guidelines and of course, a change of lifestyle. We are compromised with the change of lifestyle of patients and focus on prehospital assistance to improve quality attention and prioritize high severity emergencies.


Business Intelligence(BI) techniques provide tools to increase the productive of your business by using. Predictive models based on your data and metrics will optimize your business plan and increase your profit. You can make decisions based on quantitative strategies with a solid scientific bases. guane offers you the possibility to visualize your data in a clear and concise way to extract conclusions and tracing your business decisions.


We are aware of climate change and we have decided to use our strongest skills to contribute on ambiental care. At the same time, we offer the ecological solutions to companies that share with us this green focus. We weave solutions that combine IoT sensing, artificial intelligence and decision-making to favor the nature care.

We offer you highly qualified scientists to solve the more demanding and challenging problems in your business model.

about guane

and why trusting on guane developed solutions
Applied Physics and Artificial Intelligence for Industry

guane is scientific research based company aimed at applying natural and data sciences tools to solve industry problems and supporting the development of Colombia economy and its engagement into the fourth industrial revolution. Being founded by natural scientists, guane is in the position to contribute to computer science by generating new algorithms and finding new challenges for standard AI paradigms while solving local industry problems. guane seeks to generate new opportunities to local scientists and engineers and boost knowledge transfer between academia and private and public companies. guane' s priority is your business needs so that we adapt our solutions to your local infrastructure. Thus, optimizing your business resources and your return.

  • Innovation

    We do not just apply solutions, we develop!

  • scientific rigor

    More than 15 years performing top quality scientific research.

  • Complete Solutions

    From customized IoT solutions to data analytics.

  • Passion for challenges

    We love challenges and solve them for your business.

guane team

PhD. Leonardo A. Pachon
PhD. Leonardo A. Pachon
CEO, CO-Founder
Ph.D. in Physics. PDF at University of Toronto and Harvard University. 2015 and 2017 Research Award, Universidad de Antioquia. Top 15 Under 35-Years-Old Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Colombia- The Falling Walls Foundation. TWAS Prize for Young Scientists.
Joseph F. Vergel-Becerra
Joseph F. Vergel-Becerra
COO, Co-Founder
MSc, Universidad de Antioquia (in progress). Field of expertise: 3D reconstruction by optical methods and photogrammetry, computational statistics, data analytics and implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms.
MSc. Andres F. Gutierrez
MSc. Andres F. Gutierrez
CTO, Co-founder
MSc in Physics, Universidad de Antioquia. Field of expertise: Natural Language Processing, Complex Networks and data analytics and implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms.
Ph.D. Johny Jaramillo
Ph.D. Johny Jaramillo
CBO, Co-founder
Ph.D in Physics. Expert in scientific instrumentation, manufacturing and implementation of advanced sensors, data acquisition systems, navigation technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), embedded systems, FPGA’s, image processing and high performance hardware.
Cesar A. Pachon
Cesar A. Pachon
AI Developer
Physicist, Universidad Industrial de Santander. Fields of expertise: Natural language processing with Python, data analytics and implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms.
Gerardo A. Camargo
Gerardo A. Camargo
AI Developer.
Systems Engineer (in progress). Fields of expertise: Natural language processing with Python.
Martin E. Quintero
Martin E. Quintero
AI Developer
Systems Engineer (in progress). Fields of expertise: Computer Vision.

We apply and develop AI and ML algorithms that coupled to our own IoT designed devices solve problems in industry.

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