On the beach, I can spend time with friends.

He is thoroughly familiar with the business.


I never claimed that I could speak French.

She observed how butterflies fly.

You should have them arrested.

Maybe it's not fair.

Lucius found her.


Does Orville need a doctor?

The skaters skated around the rink.

Could someone get the lights?

Ramiro was gone when I got home.

Are you saying you can't fix it?


It was confusing to me.

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If you don't make it back in time for the meeting, I'll kill you.

We were prisoners.

How much time do you spend cleaning your house?

I imagine that's what's going to happen every time.

Those Hungarian girls are very pretty.


He believes that there is a spy among us.

Emil said he has to go.

Subra has never let me down.


I'm being loyal.

Well, I declare!

Is Mikey too young to play baseball?

It's is so difficult that I have decided to give up trying.

Vinod shouldn't say things like that to Harmon.

Making mistakes in a translation or original sentence doesn't matter much, because sooner or later someone always corrects them.

Singing merrily, they started for home.


It is necessary to clean the chicken-house.

The grand jury decided not to indict the police officer.

Vickie is married to someone else now.

Is there a direct correlation?

It doesn't look like Alberto believes us.

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We were surprised at the big lion.

We should have taken the schedule into consideration.

I'm going to my sister's.

Fred's signature is illegible.

He must be Andre's brother.

Save me.

If you didn't exist, then I would invent you.

Nothing has gone right all day.

Kurt didn't know that Wilmer used to understand French.

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What did you eat this evening?

It's cold in my city, Varsovia.

That is a lovely doll, isn't it?

This never crosses my mind.

That topic is too intimate to share with casual acquaintances.


I'm only interested in finding out the truth.


I am a friend of Robert's.


You have absolutely no idea how hard it was to convince Pete to help us.


Rainer bought us some drinks.

Thomas is being facetious.

Fear no more the boss's bark, nor all the union steward's rages.

I've already told Sheila what he needs to do.

Isn't Malloy sweet?

I'm tired of disinformation on Tatoeba.

This is how the accident happened.

Claudia seemed okay when I saw him.

Is it true that Shannon doesn't know any French?

Has anyone ever told you how lovely you look?

Christian obviously knows his stuff.

Cicero is Tully.

The symposium was a little rougher that usual: "Never again," said Socrates the morning after.

The cook hasn't put any on it.

He got up late, so that he missed the bus.

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Will I see Brandi later?

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I promised Lana I wouldn't say anything.

Most people don't have a problem with that.

It must be destroyed.

You answer us first.

"Don't leave me!" "It's too late, Blaine."

Try it by all means.

And Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.

She put in for a raise.

Carl's strategy was responsible for the victory.

Is this diamond real or fake?

Gregg should've left when he had the chance.

I'll be waiting for Harold.

Is there anything else you want to do?

It might be good if you bought it.

Why don't we stay another hour?

I wish you were here with me.

Scott told Gilles that it was too cold to go outside without a coat.


Martine had been working for a local TV channel while her husband was completing a PhD in psychology.

We need assistance immediately.

How old he is!

Don't expect me in case it should be rainy.

I am afraid to write English comments while I'm trying to learn English.

We've been there before.

He felt in his pocket for his wallet.

The reason he failed was because he neglected his work.

It's too hot for us to work.

With some books, the more I read them, the less I understand them.

What happens if we get caught?

I stepped in a puddle and now my shoes are completely soaked going squish squish squish.

Tell him I'll do it.

Why didn't you report this?

Give her the disk.

Six seismologists were convicted of manslaughter in Italy after they had failed to predict an earthquake.

She asked him to help his father to clean the garage, but he said he was too busy to help.

Starbucks is the best place to buy coffee.

I'm sorry you were frustrated with me. I won't let that happen again.

Imagine yourself in her place.

I'm no longer homeless.


I'm sure Ramanan wasn't surprised.

Alejandro didn't even attempt to kiss Cecilia.

I think Cristina is smart.

Tracey thinks that his computer is possessed by an evil spirit.

We're a married couple.

I need time.

Tell me what you really think of me.

You never treat me right!

She lives in a small town in the interior.

Isn't winning great?

Must I wear a tie at work?

Who doesn't like that?

One day, when Reinhard was going back home from school, something twinkling fell down from the sky.

Manavendra owns a pizzeria.

I'll treat you like an adult when you start acting like one.


Tell Jaime that we're not going to help him.


They spoke quietly so as not to wake the baby.

It's in good hands.

Do you think Adam will go shopping with us tomorrow afternoon?

I thought someone had taken care of this already.

She's jealous and irrational.

Put this package aside.

Does he have feelings for me?


I forgot to sent her an email.

Newton saw an apple fall off a tree.

Victor showed me a picture of his girlfriend.

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Excuse me, could you spare me a few minutes? I have a favor to ask you.


That would've been embarrassing.


I want to hire you.

I'm going back.

We must attack.


Make each day your masterpiece.

What's your favorite French wine?

I will never agree to it.

How is this fair?

I once managed to fit seven people in my car.

There are a lot of things I need to do this week.

Ramiro took off his lab coat and hung it over the chair.


I want to become a better swimmer.

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You're poor.


I am somebody and important.

I was hungry but there was no fruit or ice cream for me.

This is something that's never been done before.

Why did you listen to them?

I'm inclined to agree with him.

Is it so hard to choose between heaven and hell?

It looks like your hard disk is fragmented.


You know me.

I wish my girlfriend would spend more time with me.

I told Miek that he should try to do it by himself.

A man appeared from behind the door.

Mickey has promised he won't do that anymore.


Let's wait here until she comes back.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is an organization.

Nir has a discount coupon for the museum's exhibition.


I just think you should be more careful, that's all.

You must be new here.

Let's start at once; it's already late.

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Ragnar thought there should be a limit on how much money his wife should be allowed to spend.

I want to send this letter to Japan.

Chaucer and Boccaccio are two writers.

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You don't keep your promises.

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He did not want to talk about it.