Have you finished reading the book I lent you last week?

I'm out of control.

There are a lot of famous old buildings in Kyoto.

I'm sure Ric is grateful for your help.


There were traces of blood inside Dan's car.


Jarmo and Johnnie used to be inseparable.

However, as of yet, no one has described the transformation of a cockroach into a human.

It's probably nothing, but, again, you better talk to your doctor.

Hotta wants to talk about the project.

We could start trying.

The children rolled down the hill.

President Jorge Johnson made a victory speech.

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Two people think of her as their daughter.


I am glad to help you whenever you need me.

Juliet didn't let Micah finish what she was trying to say.

His facial expression was more sour than a lemon.

I don't really recall.

His explanation wasn't satisfying.

That song reminds me of my home.

She burst out laughing when she saw me.


What are you doing in a place like this?


I wondered what Amos's real reason for being here was.


At first he had difficulty telling one student from another.

He measures the time with a radio-controlled clock.

From the look of the sky, it may begin to snow tonight.

Matthew and I have been friends a long time.

Teriann is grown up now.

It's not so unusual.

Nicolette was beginning to feel ignored.

TV stations broadcast the event.

This soup needs a touch of salt.

He has a large desk in his small room.

I prefer soccer to baseball.

She told me she loved me.

What snacks do you have?

I am in need of a responsible person.

He's able-bodied, so he's gonna join the army.

My team won the match.

I've spent almost all my money.

I'm still undefeated.

My girlfriend said that she'd kill me if I got drunk.

If the smaller groups in the interstitial territory would unite their efforts, with the proper strategy and some punctual hits they were able to undermine the advancement of the more centralized sovereign powers.

I'll handle things.

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You always exaggerate.

I'd like to add some information to my report.

We had a bumper crop this year.


The woman left and went to the courthouse, where she waited in line again.

It's very easy to make you worry, isn't it?

I'm on the phone.

Margie is looking forward to going to Boston.

The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom.


Their argument eventually ended in a draw.


Elaine wasn't worried.

It's probably a big list.

He left the room without even saying goodbye.

Don't you have a bike?

That gave us an idea.

She comes home at about six as a rule.

Are you offering to help?

We need Jay to do more of that.

We have a very good team, so we have every reason to be optimistic.

I baked some cookies for you.

Do you have any beers from local microbreweries?


We haven't found anything yet.


The pie is fresh.

Patricio gets jealous when Kyung talks to other guys.

It is dangerous to climb that mountain.

Your tea will get cold if you don't drink it soon.

What're you planning to do after you retire?

This door will not open.

The fact that educated Americans in general no longer share understandable background knowledge is a chief cause of their inability to communicate effectively.

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I accept, but only under one condition.

I was impressed by Debi's skill.

Damon can't come to work today because he doesn't feel well.

Never speak ill of others.

I have a friend who lives in Sapporo.

I'm pretty sure it's true.

Justin is lazy and undisciplined.

A monument was erected in memory of the deceased.

I'm a cheese connoisseur.

You've had quite a shock.

He advised me not to smoke.


There's a snag.

Try to bring out the best in him.

We have two lessons in the afternoon.


Arne was also present.

Jef crossed his fingers.

People liked Jimmy Carter.

I tore my jacket on a nail.

The world is lightened by the sun.

How much money do we need?

He really likes English.


That doesn't happen very often.

Don't you trust them?

There are a blackboard, a lamp, a door, two windows, twelve chairs and a desk; there are many students as well.

Annard didn't give up hope.

Karl and Gunnar are married, but not to each other.

I haven't seen her in three months.

It's odd.

I thought I'd say hello to her.

That wasn't my intention to get upset you.

I'll figure out a way to fix this. Don't worry.

I don't know what you mean.

The senselessness of the act appalled him.

Thirteen people were detained.


I told Randell you were busy.


My grandfather doesn't drive anymore.

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University invented a telenoid which could replace mobile phones in the future.

Niels loves gangbangs.


I've got tons of ideas. Good ones, not so much.

He isn't a diligent student.

Don't worry about what others say.


Diane is a very clever man.


He is well dressed, but he is anything but a gentleman.


Turn on your back.


Do you think you can fix this?

Please put this in a safe place.

I was forced to work on Sunday.

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I saw what happened.

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They're twins.

Many young people are out of work in that country.

She seems to be interested in him.

Let's move over to that table.

After hardening, you can use your new vase to hold flowers.


It's a secret; don't give it away to anyone.

I like to receive letters from friends.

Should I call 911?

Would you like to try some?

Kanthan is still there, isn't he?

There is ample scope for improvement.

Spock read somewhere that short people need more sleep than tall people.

This would help I think.

My faith in the new generation has been restored.

Kim can do what he wants.

Yes, I think you ought to go.

The water is running with great force.

Stop hitting the cat!


Women dry clothes on a clothesline.


But there's a problem.

Spy isn't a crook.

Sedat doesn't usually say anything.

That man is a criminologist. Trust him!

Mike is obsessed about her appearance.

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Would it be OK if we spoke French instead?

I am a mechanic.

Bring your tool box.

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Olof quickly opened the letter.


The children made sculptures out of wire.

Those are exactly what we want.

I didn't know you had allergies.

It was slightly off target.

Ross didn't like school until he entered junior high school.


What's your favorite day of the week?

Kuldip tried to hide her confusion.

I should say he is a little angry.

It seems that bikinis are "in" this year.

He was rather shorter with me.

Many citizens joined the army.

I'll help find them.

Most of the Amazon jungle is still wild.

Next spring I want to go to Hawaii.

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A man cannot be judged by his appearance.


I haven't thought about Knapper in a long time.


Nanda seems to have forgotten my name.