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Here at Cayana Services, we offer quality specialized Administrative Assistance Services to our clients

We understand that time is very essential in every business. A lot of small business owners try to handle a lot of their business process by themselves, hence leaving them in a situation of spending more time coordinating the less important things and laying less emphasis in achieving the main business goals. All the tiny bits which range from organizing office supplies and documentation and payment of bills, to handling of customers and client communications,, answering all phone calls and a whole lot of day-to-day office activities, seems rather minor, but takes up the entire time needed for full business operation. That is the reason why we are here at Cayana, to pay attention and handle all these tiny bits of your daily routine, to enable our clients maximize their time for effective business achievements.

We streamline our activities with that of the client, learn a lot about their business and provide the necessary assistance and support needed for them to carry out their business operations smoothly without the need for a physical presence and extra budget on office space, by utilizing the web and communication technologies to deliver high quality services.


We emphasize on quality Services

We believe that it is important to give every business the
professional touch of Virtual Administrative Assistance

Our Services Include

“We have to do our very best and constantly improve because our customers deserve the best and we want to provide that.”      
             -Rob Seifker, Director of the Customer Loyalty Team at Zappos

Here at Cayana, we understand that a happy customer tells a friend and an unhappy customer tells the world. So we strive to provide quality customer support and help desk services for our clients to improve continued loyalty.
To properly deal with customers' needs, we provide:
  • Telephone Contact Center;
  • Online Customer Assistance;
  • Email Monitoring Services – including screening and providing prompt response
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • 1st Line IT Support (specific to technology businesses)

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In order to enable our clients focus more on their core business needs and interactions, we provide quality planning and logistics for attending to their customers, business partners, associates and general public relations.

To assist our clients in taking care of their public relations we provide:

  • Appointment Scheduling, - (initiate, confirm and follow-up on appointments)
  • Contact Management
  • Preparing Meeting Minutes and Notes
  • Interviews – Planning and Coordination
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Travels / Reservations Arrangements

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All businesses require paper work (whether soft-copied or hard-copied) and logistics as part of the daily activities. With regards to the nature of your operations, paper work could be minimal or as enormous as to consume one's entire time while preparing or maintaining them.

Also, most businesses are introduced with the visions to grow and expand. As your business expands, there is increase in acquired property, higher volume of data, more files to sort and access and increase in all other possessions that enables you successfully run your business.

Providing a cost effective solution to these responsibilities is in the heart of our business and we intend to lift these weights off your shoulders, to enable you perform your core business duties by assisting with:

  • Managing and Receiving Files and Emails
  • Ordering and Maintaining Records of Inventory
  • Document Processing – (word processing, presentations, spreadsheet, newsletters)
  • Reminder Services – (deadlines, anniversaries, calendar)
  • Online Bill Payments and Invoice Management
  • Providing General office Support

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