Utilivista provides the power to realise savings in energy and resource deployment in business and the public sector.

Our seamless package of innovative technology and software provides a continuous appraisal of actual versus optimal performance. This shows you where, when and how to boost profitability and minimise environmental impact.

Utilivista's Business Overview

The Compelling Need to go Beyond Sub-Metering

Utilivista recognise that sub-metering, however commendable, is not an energy-saving system by itself. Rather it is necessary to focus on the equipment and systems (e.g. motors, pumps, chillers/HVAC, air compressors, heat exchangers, cooling systems and boilers etc) that actually consume resources. We need to ensure that these operate with the least possible financial and environmental impact. Utilivista have developed the necessary hardware and web application, C-trac, to achieve this.

The key output is a continuously updated prioritized list of maintenance and replacement opportunities. C-trac can also generate condition based maintenance (CBM) alerts indicating when equipment is deteriorating and going to fail.