Temperance is the best physic.

We could use a hand.

Being left alone, he sank into meditation.

Do you know what these are?

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How many times did it happen?

They weren't at home yesterday.

It wasn't a maintenance problem.

Duke and Theodore are still there.

Isn't this illegal?

Acai berries have become popular.

The upper ocean has warmed up much more than deeper layers.

I was not jealous.

I took that picture a week ago.

In Singapore, a way to punish criminals is to whip them.

I didn't know who he was.

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I speak a little Scottish Gaelic.


I don't think I snore.


The criminal and his companions ran away while we took our eyes off.

The explosion took place because of his carelessness.

Beckie understood Chuck's skepticism.

I'm behind and exams are coming up.

Farouk deserves the best.

What are you doing for Halloween?

Which one do you think I should buy?

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Canada is on the north side of America.

Leave the books as they are.

The problem is whether my parents will agree or not.


We both need more time.

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You could've seriously hurt yourself yesterday.


This chair is too low for me.

It's very hot inside.

You can keep this tape until tomorrow.

Well, it wasn't all that bad.

Miki put on his sweater wrong side out.

Why don't you let him go?

The sky is gloomy and gray - a typical rainy-season sky.

How often do you see Tanaka?

Jones kicked off his season with a 6 catch

He seems to have something on his mind.

I'd like to be left alone.

Atheism is irrational by definition.

It's not like Stephe to be so late.

I have been to the station.

Is there any sugar in the pot?

I was absent from school yesterday.

You want me to come in?

I'll be gone for a while.

I heard about it from another source last year.

Where's your head at?

The paint is off.

You must admit this would present quite a slippery slope.

I don't expect them to win.


I want to get better at guitar.


Saturday is when I am least busy.


Sheila lives in Boston now.

You found something they didn't.

Anatoly put a wet towel on Leonard's forehead.

The number of Facebook members is higher than the U.S. population.

Art wouldn't let us call a doctor.

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She kept on writing stories about animals.

She was breathing hard.

I believe that I can trust you.

Our land gave a high yield this year.

Life provides me with new opportunities that I must seize.

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She wrote me a love letter in Esperanto.

Harry seemed lost.

Further problems soon arose.

So what did you talk about?

I saw Jayant give Micky a peck on the cheek.

He ran away in the direction of the wood.

I can't believe we're really married.

Guillermo arrived after midnight.

They're more than friends.


Go on home.

They say nothing is impossible.

Don't you want to know where it's from?

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Do you realize the fact that we, generally speaking, are drowning?


Have you ever taken a vacation?


Do you think you can get away with this?


The sea was running high.


We cater to you, the customer with refined taste.

We're trying to prevent forest fires.

He sang with his voice strained.


If you really have grounds for acting the way you did, then please tell me.

Did you have fun with Jack and Subra today?

Please be careful of your health.

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It's too early.

I might as well die as lead such a life.

You have to make do with what you've got.

We're talking about you.

Where's this from?

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That may only be a coincidence.


Get back before midnight, or you will be locked out.

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Silence prevailed along the funeral route.

In many shops and businesses discounts are now given to senior citizens.

We must've blown a fuse.

Leads hated that photo.

They brought umbrellas.

Miss Jones made a face when she heard the news.

It's noisy in here.

We're not able to solve this problem.

Why would Moe care?

This is the place where the battle of Hastings took place.

Here's my wallet.

We slept in a very small tent.

Rodney Jackson is the man you met the other day.


We'll come back.

Cyprus is called "Kypros" in Greek.

I agree with him on this.


Everytime her husband looked at me, he almost asked me: "For what purpose have you come here?"

The car that's in front of me is Karam's.

I don't want to disturb you.


Next week I will write an e-mail to my parents.

The President leaves Washington for Paris next month.

She graduated from high school last year.

I'm an optimistic guy.

Leila must be well off.

It keeps raining.

You really ought to wash your hands of this borderline illegal work.


Dewey walks in a strange way.

Where is the pain?

We are to meet again at the park tomorrow afternoon.


The doctor cauterised the wound.

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The president's term lasts four years.

Well, I'll translate fifteen more sentences in German, but after that I'm leaving.

It's time to fess up.


It seems a little unclear.


Never bite the hand that feeds you.

It began snowing just now.

This field is untamed.

She's multilingual.

Patrice is much heavier than Bernard.

Naomi spends a majority of his time helping Sir.

Did you say Thomas was murdered?

The longest day must have an end.

I'm going to catch a ride back to the office with Beverly.

What kind of gun was it?

She has a handsome boyfriend.

Wolfgang switched to German.

We should eat?

I just sat there and didn't say a thing.

Victoria helped Moore with the laundry.

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I don't think it'll take long.

Several witnesses subsequently recanted their statements claiming coercion.

I have to leave again.


My father urged me to go with him.


The music is too loud.

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Mr Smith founded this school forty years ago.

I haven't seen her since I was a child.

I hope I am very efficient.

"Oh. You're alive?" "Yes. Where is everyone?" "Dunno."

He shook it and looked again.


Cristina got into his car, closed the door and drove away.

Gigi knows this.

What Soohong does is his own business.


Yesterday I went to the Goethe-Institut in Bologna with my mother to ask for information about their German courses.

I don't think I could ever do this again.

I wonder why you would say that.

Please write that down.

I've never really liked Frances very much.

I felt incredibly stupid.

We'll finish this today.