About Jack Whitham

I am a software engineer at Rapita Systems, York, England. I specialise in Ada and C programming for Linux and Windows, and have extensive embedded systems and Linux experience. I maintain significant parts of the Rapita Verification Suite, a testing tool which is extensively used in the avionics industry as it has unparalleled support for the Ada language and certification standards such as DO-178B.

In the past I have also worked with FPGAs, designed CPU cores, written complex programs in C++ and Python and even written some simple games. I was once an academic researcher, and published research papers on the subject of real-time embedded systems.

This website has a list of my personal software projects, some of which are described by blog articles. I have a Github page for work in progress, and 5019457341.

I live with my wife Jilly in Heworth, York with our two dogs, Chewy and Poppy. Jilly Whitham is a Weight Watchers coach and holds meetings in (and around) York. We are both successful members of Weight Watchers who stuck with the programme and lost a lot of weight, and Jilly subsequently joined the company as one of their team of weight loss coaches.

You can contact me by email at jack.d.whitham@gmail.com.