How to use the BoardREADY Card Deck

Take a look at how easy it is to receive actionable information!

In addition to the information printed on the cards, each card has a QR code with a link to richer content. Board directors can scan the codes using a smartphone or tablet to receive actionable information to improve their board’s overall decision-making performance!


The BoardREADY Card Deck will help your association:

Hold MORE productive board meetings
Make the most of your board's time with maximum efficiency meetings.

Have MORE focused board conference calls
Sharpen the focus on your board's direction and goals while respecting the commodity of your board's time.

Discover MORE meaningful board training sessions
Increase engagement and board satisfaction by ensuring training is meaningful and learning outcomes are measurable.

We’re extremely proud to introduce CSAE’s BoardReady Card Deck. This innovative tool is part of CSAE’s ongoing commitment to delivering unsurpassed value to association and not-for-profit board members.
Michael Anderson, CAE
President & CEO, Canadian Society of Association Executives

Building Better Boards, One Deck at a Time.

This unique product from CSAE provides instant access to "board ready" information and insight about governing ideas, practices and tools for association directors, CEOs and staff.

We Know Associations

CSAE brings more than 60 years of experience working with associations to your Board of Directors

Established in 1951, Canada’s “association of associations” serves as a trusted resource to Canada’s association community with a firm commitment to enhancing the effectiveness, image, and impact of associations to better serve their members and society. The BoardREADY Card Deck is the result of CSAE’s extensive experience and expertise in supporting associations and their board members.

CSAE BoardREADY Card Decks contain 78 cards that are critical to the effectiveness and success of your association’s board.

Each card presents 3 thought-provoking questions which challenge your board’s current thinking and inspire creative problem solving.

Subscribing to CSAE’s BoardREADY Card Decks provides all of your board’s members with 24/7 access to rich digital content for productive and meaningful dialogue.

It's the most powerful physical / digital resource available for boards today!

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