I have told Tracey over and over again not to make fun of Heather.

Is Mr Yamada a physics or a chemistry teacher?

A trucker nearly froze to death on the road.

Would you like me to read it for you?

Would it be possible to set up a meeting with us on April 5 or 6?

Ask her anything.

I can cook you something if you're hungry.

Markus has given Delbert his cold.


Thank you for agreeing to meet me here.

He couldn't understand much of what they said to each other.

Sorry I'm late.

All the money ran out.

It sounded like a dream job.

Add more salt to the soup.

The fact that he did not do it cannot be denied.

Shean disagrees with Noemi on that matter.

Please don't make fun of me.


It's getting late. I should go.

The store carries earthenware.

I am reading the book.


Such work tempers a man's character.

Be on your guard against pickpockets.

Michelle looks furious.

I'll see you Monday.

Tell them how displeased I am.

Why does this keep happening?

He patted me on the shoulder with a smile.


I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse.

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I have nothing else worth saying.


Please give me your credit card.

I dyed my hair red.

You were always a perfect 'superhuman' to an infuriating extent, and so that 'habit' was actually one of your cute, or rather charming, attributes.

I know Will and Lou used to be good friends.

Dannie opened her purse and looked around in it.

Face facts!

Pascal is very thin.


I've had some bad breaks.

She's ready to go.

Millie has green eyes.

Why would I ever apologize to Israel?

I need eyes here! Somebody get over here and spot him now!


She stood me up.

I like to hike in the mountains.

I was talking about it last night.

I don't like being cheated.

One thousand dollars will cover all the expenses for the party.

All around the walls hung pictures, and by the great stove stood large Chinese vases with lions on the covers; there were rocking-chairs, silken sofas, great tables covered with picture-books, and toys worth a hundred times a hundred dollars, at least the children said so.

You know everything, right?

I've got to make sure Sidney remembers to take his medicine.

There's no reason to get upset.

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Don't make me stay.

He will catch you.

Can we come in for moment?


Bob was so beside himself that he could scarcely tell fact from fiction.

The police will look into the cause of the fire.

Work is all in all to me.


I like to talk to kids.

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Roger works from dawn to dusk.

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We ate together at the club.

Is Farouk attractive to you?

Ariel seems to be narrow-minded.

He is an amateur gardener, but his flowers are beautiful.

Kiki would've been great.


Sandra opened the door and walked in.

Not all birds build nests.

I wasn't even conscious of it.

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So far, nobody's laughed at any of Vaughn's jokes.


At the time I was convinced that was the case.

This is your chance, Shirley.

Sofoklis gave Fred a pair of diamond earrings.

When I met him, I suddenly remembered lending him a large sum of money the previous month.

You made an error.

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I saw Ole hide something.


You must go through with your plan.

Pratap only did half his homework.

Have you seen them yet?

I'm buying letter paper, some stamps, and some tissue paper.

Let me help you. Your bag looks very heavy.

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I don't know anything, so I can't tell you anything.

What else did you miss?

Your lives are in danger.

Cyrus's dog follows her everywhere.

I just want to hear your reasons.

It's a pleasure for me.

We were in fits of laughter when the cat twirled around the room chasing its tail.

I've got something far crazier in mind!

The policeman followed him.

She buried a dog.

Union gives strength.

Could you teach me some French phrases that I might need?

If someone comes looking for me, would you please tell them that I'm not in?

Nikolai is very hard on himself.

I don't often go to Boston, but every time I do, I enjoy it a lot.


He returned from the office.

Jack is a powerful acquisition for our team.

I keep my diary every day.

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Finding it hard to make ends meet on his income, she started to work.

Let's give Jordan another round of applause.

I just wish Tareq didn't have to be alone.


It was starting to rain.

I'm very sorry to have troubled you.

My opinion is the same as theirs.

You had a really rough day, didn't you?

He often sits up late writing letters.

I'll have to take her with me.

I have to hurry!

"Have you known Ric for a long time?" "No, I've only just met him."

Send me a postcard.

Some of these young people have legs twice as long as mine.

I never got along with her.


I'm going to make reduced copies.

Those colors go well together.

I have been told that I am pragmatic, and I am.

Does your wife wear the Muslim headscarf?

Suwandi turned to the man next to him and asked him what time it was.

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Panos is back at the house, catching up on his sleep.

I can take Corey home.

Toerless visited Tuna once a year.

They have enhanced security checks and are prepared for the worst.

The weather was lovely when I left home.


White tigers are not albinos. If they were, they would have no stripes whatsoever.

That's perfectly understandable.

He died a sad death.

Dominic gave George a hearty welcome.

Can I question them?


I think it's a miracle.

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Alex is afraid of snakes.

Masanao fell over jogging and broke his arm.

I can fix this.

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What's your niece's name?

He hit the jackpot with his date. She was lovely and intelligent.

My dad took us to the zoo yesterday.

Yesterday, Mickey told me he couldn't speak French.

What does Tanaka have on?

I am sure he'll tell you as soon as he comes.

Jitendra speaks French better than he pretends to.

I knew you liked that action.

You were simply tired.

Keep driving.

That's what I want.

The place was crowded.

Mars contains highlands which occur in the southern hemisphere.


My pen isn't as good as yours.

I need it done sooner than that.

Voice of America broadcasts from Washington.

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.

It is refreshing to take a shower after exercising.


A breakdown in the negotiations will mean war.

A tangled hierarchy is a hierarchical consciousness system in which a strange loop appears. (--Douglas Hofstadter)

Saify has been trying to learn how to ride a unicycle.

He never appears before nine o'clock.

I feel safe with him.

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I am Chinese.

Some know about the old times from their parents only.

Hy will be the instructor.


Cornelius Gurlitt had hidden 1400 works of art stolen by the Nazis in his apartment.

Marcel decided never to talk to Russell anymore.

Marco's test was so hard he couldn't do it.

He and his father are like two peas in a pod.

You don't need to worry about me.

Dorothy and her friends continued their journey heading for Emerald city.

I'm going to stay in bed all day.

You amuse me.

Turkey was stronger than Greece.

I don't have any information on that subject.

George Washington was born on the twenty second of February seventeen thirty two.

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Come on, Ann, tell me what you did.