Stop mimicking me!

The system says I do not have the necessary permissions to delete the folder.

Having crossed all the oceans of the world, he drowned himself in a glass of water.

She decided to have the operation.

If mind is clean, fate is good.

Hsi sat by the window, reading a book.

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Until next weekend, if that's OK.


We are in two.

Let's talk about something else.

Do you know someone we could trust?

Where is your family?

Santa and Hector adopted two children whose parents had been killed by a suicide bomber.

We're about through here.

I do feel sorry for Subra.


Step on it!

A room with a skylight would be fine.

I didn't change a thing.

I always have my own way. I don't listen to those who love me and who have more brains than I.

This is the word which I would like to replace.

Ricardo locked himself in his bedroom and turned off the light.

We've decided to postpone the meeting till next Monday.


Why don't you ask her to do it?

I often receive letters from her.

That noise is driving me mad.


He is attractive in every way.

When it comes to music I have no ear for it.

They want to go abroad.

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I am interested in this story.


More than 20,000 Americans are murdered each year.

This is never going to work.

I want for you and me to be happy.

Reality is scary.

That group is presently very active.

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Surya pretended that what Heinz said didn't hurt.

Merton wrote a lot of stories.

Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so.

He asked a question about it.

She has the choice to stay or go.

It is nice of you to hold a door open for a lady.

I struck on an idea that could change his mind.

Keep him away from me.

People usually die if you kill them.

I think he takes after his father.

The trees will soon be bare.

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Arnold didn't get the joke.


There is only one pillow.

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It was very careless of you!

Jagath doesn't want to be rich.

Everybody is against me.

I hope you'll pay more attention next time.

Since Christmas is coming, everyone's talking about it.

I have some things to take care of.

What are you doing down there?


When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up.


I went to Nikko along with them.

Eddy seemed to be in a good mood.

Spanish is her native language.

My passport has expired.

Thanks for saving my hide.

I'm not here every day.

She carried off all the prizes.

That's a spider bite.

He was almost drowned.

Can you help me to work out the adverbial forms of all these verbs?

I wake him at six every morning.

He can speak eight languages.

Joubert liked being with Phiroze.


I hope I'm wrong.

That isn't really necessary.

Her whole body hurt.

We're putting our furniture in storage for the summer.

Can you explain everything to me?

Ric looks demented.

They rushed to his aid.


He spent his honeymoon in the Maldives.


I'm waiting to hear from her.

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When I woke up, I found I had been tied up.

Let's make believe we are ninja.

Do you want him to know about it?


I think Grant is helpful.


You've got yourself a deal.

He has a good fastball.

Spudboy brushed his teeth.

How much does Ted pay you?

I've just published a new post on my blog.

I told Tait not to date Trey.

During the probation period of my friend's new job, each month's salary is 3000 RMB; once the probation period has been fulfilled, each month's salary is 3500 RMB.

He bragged about it.

What's up, Mike?

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My cousin's school is much easier than mine.

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Do you still love Darci?

All you have to do is fill in the blanks below.

I am from England.

F in hexadecimal is equal to 15.

Many European kitchens have scales because dry ingredients are measured by weight there, unlike in America, where they are measured by volume.


It was a very exciting game.


You don't need to flatter your boss.


Wind energy has been used to some extent in many countries.

In this paper, I compare the folklores of Germany and Holland.

He left the Mexican capital to return to Texas.

Please call an ambulance.

Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier?

Carisa is the one with red hair.

They named their baby Jane.


Yamashita is stuck with no way out. His well-thought-out project was rejected and the books he worked really hard on aren't selling.


America is not the most democratic nation.

What's your earliest memory?

Nikolai would've helped you.

She's been learning German for a year now.

Every day, meteorites fall to the Earth.

I'll never make money doing this.

Lenny made a poor impression.


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

This custom dates from the Edo period.

I won an award as well.

I don't need much else.

Their house is near here.


I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

I've always considered you a friend.

I am not a fan of centrism.

The verdict was a death sentence.

The important thing is whether you do your best or not.


The truck just missed hitting the boy in the street.

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I'm sure Jurevis will get over it.

You've become very cute.

Maurice is a normal, healthy little boy.

Let's move on to the next item.

That must be exciting.

I'll give him a hand.

A man and a woman are people of different genders.


Here are a few examples.

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The man got mad when his wife called him names.

We walked along the road.

Toby was arrested in Boston.

I don't know how to force this lock.

That meal was simply divine.

During the hot season, my son's skin breaks out easily.

It's not like I haven't tried.

Mosquitoes enjoy the company of humans.

Curtis wasn't able to shoot the bear.


His life is a neverending race against time.

His eyes got stuck on the canvas on the wall.

I've got a lot of friends.

Burn the eyes that look at you and the hearts that are waiting for you!

How did your meeting with Arnold go?

Are you sure this is where Leith lives?

They're staring at each other.

She couldn't hold back her tears.

That felt so good.

How are you going to stop him?

We got there early.


I thought you would understand.

The state appealed the verdict.

She had a perfect alibi.

I dare my parents to do this!

Did the police arrest Eric?


Bob has been up all night.

Malcolm started packing his backpack.

Every person has the power to abuse their privileges.

Pratt did everything Sabrina did.

Why did you sneak up on me?

These allegations are ridiculous.

Heather wanted Mario to help him.


It's so exciting.