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Spyware Removal Instructions

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istartsurf.com Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

istartsurf.com seems like a very useful search engine from the first sight: it allows computer users to access Facebook, eBay, YouTube, and other websites in just one click. Besides, it enables users to search for Images, Videos, News, and even Games. Unfortunately, there are more drawbacks associated with istartsurf.com than benefits because this search engine is closely related to a browser hijacker. It means that you might notice that it has replaced your default search engine and homepage without your permission. On top of that, there is a slight possibility that you will end up with malware if you keep using istartsurf.com search engine. It has been found out that istartsurf.com is compatible with all the major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, which means that the only effective solution for those seeking to use their preferred homepage and search engine is to get rid of istartsurf... Full istartsurf.com Browser Hijacker Removal Guide »

CryptoLocker Malware Removal Guide

CryptoLocker is a screen locker infection else known as ransomware program. It is distributed by Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A Trojan and unlike other ransomware applications known to us, this one does not try to convince you that you have committed serious crime in order to push you into paying the ransom fee. CryptoLocker just states that your computer is locked, your files are encrypted, and to restore your desktop access you need to pay 100 USD or 100 EUR via MoneyPak, Ukash or any other applicable alternative payment system. However, instead of paying the ransom, you should unlock your PC and remove CryptoLocker right now. Since this infection is distributed by Trojans, it is very likely that your computer has been infected prior to the lock-out... Full CryptoLocker Malware Removal Guide »

Delta-Homes Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Delta-Homes is a mischievous browser hijacker which can take over your home page and force you to use a highly suspicious and possibly dangerous search tool. At first sight, the search provider may seem completely harmless, however, you should be extra careful with the provided easy-access links and performed web searches. In some cases, it is quite possible that the links to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, eBay and other popular sources will route you to corrupted sites. The same goes for the search engine itself. For example, if you enter a keyword and press the Search button, there are no guarantees that you will be provided with reliable search results. In fact, all of the searches are opened in new windows through different search providers (e... Full Delta-Homes Browser Hijacker Removal Guide »

My Sys Mechanic Potentially Unwanted Application Removal Guide

My Sys Mechanic is a tool that is meant to assist you. It is meant to ensure that your PC runs “smooth, fast and error free.” The application boasts of “award-winning protection,” and such features as Registry Cleaner, Startup Cleaner, and Bowser Adware & Add-on Remover. Anyone who runs Windows (starting with Windows XP) can download this application from orbitpcmechanic.com, but that does not mean that the services are free. In fact, they cost €29.95 for a 6-month subscription. At the time of research, the payment page also bundled McAfee AntiVirus and the costly Advanced Password Manager application (€19.95 for 6 months). The page also informed that the purchase could be refunded within 60 days... (308) 987-1112

Bridgetrack Other Removal Guide

Have you discovered Bridgetrack web cookies on your browser? If you have, it is most likely that they were stored in the memory when you interacted with advertisements placed on some website. The cookies support bridgetrack.com, which is meant to offer personalized multichannel management tools and services. These services include an ad server that can support advertising and virtual marketing campaigns. Cookies are important because they can help the company/service provider to understand how users interact with ads and available services, which, in turn, can help create better products and present more relevant content. That being said, although cookies can be useful, there are also reasons why you might want to delete them... Full Bridgetrack Other Removal Guide »

GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware Trojan Removal Guide

GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware decrypts user’s files and appends a .garrantydecrypt extension to all of them. One more sign you should see if your system was infected with this malicious application are text documents dropped in each location containing enciphered data. Inside of these files, victims should find messages asking to contact the hackers behind GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware via garrantydecrypt@airmail.cc if they wish to get their files decrypted. We are almost entirely sure the email from the malware’s creators should ask for a payment or in other words a ransom. We do not know how much the malicious application’s developers could ask, but whatever the price is we would not recommend risking your savings... Full GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware Trojan Removal Guide »

GamingHub Potentially Unwanted Application Removal Guide

GamingHub is a browser extension and a potentially unwanted program that may change user’s new tab page with a site of its own. Our researchers advise being careful with it as the application asks for a lot of permissions; not to mention, the search engine that might be loaded as the user’s new tab page could be unreliable. For those who do not want to take any chances by using a doubtful tool, we would recommend removing GamingHub before anything goes wrong. Users who wish to learn more about it first could continue reading our article. Further, we will discuss the potentially unwanted program’s working manner, possible distribution channels, and other essential details. As always, at the end of the text, we will present deletion instructions explaining how to get rid of the application in question manually... 331-959-4448

TVStreamNow Toolbar Potentially Unwanted Application Removal Guide

A new piece of software, TVStreamNow Toolbar, has been released by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. This time, a new browser plugin works on only two web browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you use any of them to surf the Internet, you will sooner or later notice the changes applied to the web browser you use. TVStreamNow Toolbar is a piece of software that comes with a slogan “find where to stream anything, anywhere.” It also promises to enable users to access the extensive TV & Movies catalog. It sounds like an extremely useful piece of software, which explains why some users install it on their computers consciously. We suspect a bunch of them decide to delete TVStreamNow Toolbar soon after installing it on their computers because what they do not know about it before the installation is that it applies changes to users’ web browsers... Full TVStreamNow Toolbar Potentially Unwanted Application Removal Guide »

BlueMountain Tracking Cookie Removal Guide

If you use an ordinary web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome to surf the Internet, it could have picked up BlueMountain. You do not need to do anything if it turns out to be true because it is not malicious for sure. Specialists working at pcthreat.com say that it should not cause any security-related problems either. BlueMountain is not some kind of malicious application. Instead, specialists have categorized it as a tracking cookie. Generally speaking, these cookies are not dangerous unless they are employed to spy on users. Usually, users encounter cookies that spy on them if they visit untrustworthy websites, including P2P websites and adult content websites, or click on random ads they are presented with... Full BlueMountain Tracking Cookie Removal Guide »

HiddenBeer Ransomware Trojan Removal Guide

HiddenBeer Ransomware is another new threat based on the open-source ransomware known as Hidden Tear. It encrypts the user’s files with a secure encryption algorithm, which makes it impossible to open data without a particular decryption key. The malware’s creators seek getting paid as they ask for 100 US dollars in Bitcoins transferred into their account in exchange for the decryption key. What you should understand is while the hackers might promise to send it after you make the payment, in reality, there are no guarantees they will hold on to their word. Therefore, our researchers think it is safer to erase HiddenBeer Ransomware and restore data from whatever copies you may have on removable media devices, cloud storage, etc... Full HiddenBeer Ransomware Trojan Removal Guide »
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