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Andersen Design has moved!

Our production is located on River Road in Edgecomb, Maine.
we hope to have a new gallery set up by late spring.

Meanwhile ………

Andersen Design is in the process leading to the launch of a KickStarter project.

 Our project target goal is a product launch for this unique Andersen mug, designed by Weston Neil Andersen, to be produced by another American slip-casting company in porcelain.

For many years we have envisioned reinventing our production capacity as a network of independently owner American slip casting studios, so this will be our first step in that direction.



Signers for our pre-launch list get a 25% discount on their next purchase if the pledge on launch and our project reaches its goal

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The Leaning Ceramic Mug with Spiral project is our first design to be produced by another American slip-casting studio. This is Weston Neil Andersen’s, design. We like to cast our mugs as thin as possible so that they are light weight and delicate to sipping experience. Porcelain is a stronger and harder ceramic body than our traditional stoneware, which will enhance the durability of the thin lip we prefer on our mugs.

The mug you see here is a prototype in stoneware. Weston scratched the spiral design into the glaze. This is the idea for the production design in stoneware but the actual way in which the spiral design will be produced will be worked out in the relationship between us and the ceramic studio with which Andersen Design collaborates to produce this design.  We anticipate that this mug will be produced in traditional production glazes, which are more predictable than our glazes but can be very sophisticated and elegant./www.kickstarter.com/projects/1782810215/1165243709?ref=444356&token=94de7a99

Our KickStarter Project will offer sets at a reduced per item cost, and a choice of black or white glaze.