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Oct 22 Refactoring Commission Manager: 6 sneak peeks

Big news for Commissions Manager (which from the next major release will become "Commission Manager"). As you probably know we're working on a complete refactoring of many of our modules, now it's Commission Manager's turn.After Mercury and Billing Extension, we're bringing our new approach and technology to this product, to hugely improve the user... 8013386753

Sep 7 Blog for WHMCS & Commission Manager Refactoring

Katamaze Blog We're glad to announce that starting from now you can follow us on our new blogging platform accessible from katamaze.com/blog. There we will share solutions and tips to stay up to date in the digital world. The blog is divided into 3 categories: Showcase: our daily activities and anticipations of incoming features Tips: suggesti... 706-791-3088

Aug 31 (818) 217-4470

It has been a long time but after several months of development the refactoring of Billing Extension is complete. Billing Extension 2.0.0 is now ready for download. It comes with new architecture, code, style and features. We used the experience acquired in years of development with 68 releases of this module to rethink all the process. Revamped ... Read More »

Jul 28 (516) 399-1042

Our new Billing Extension is on its way. We already talked about the many features coming in the refactored Billing Extension in this article, here is a follow-up of what we're developing now.The latest features we added are somehow crucial, and will help you with some legal issues and possible billing problems. Invoice Restrictions WHMCS as defa... Read More »

Jun 13 Preview the new Billing Extension

As you probably already know, starting from 7th of March we are refactoring Billing Extension, our most popular module. First off we want to thank all customers that are actively helping us in this stage by sending suggestions and requests from our Lab. Now we would like to show what we have been able to to develop so far. VIES live checks If you... Read More »


Oct 10 Better GDPR pop-ups in 3 steps

I'm constantly being interrupted by pop-ups about GDPR and Cookie Law. I do care about my privacy, I read contracts, policies and think twice before selecting a checkbox.I myself have developed Cookie Bar and Online Contract in Billing Extension but enough is enough. Every time I visit a website I'm literally bombarded by gigantic pop-ups that cont... Read More »

Oct 1 (856) 384-8044

Few days ago we discussed of the security risks in hosting WHMCS and a CMS on the same package. This time we want to bring you our first blog post series to establish best practices for WHMCS beginners. Here are one first top 3 don'ts. 1. Not to know Further Security Steps If you have a long experience with WHMCS, the expression Further Security... Read More »

Sep 24 8448878883

I've seen it happening hundreds of times. People with hacked installations of WHMCS, convinced that it was all fault of WHMCS or of any of its modules. Then I connect via FTP to their server and see that they're sharing the same hosting package with another CMS like Wordpress or Joomla. You can't trust your neighbour Multiple systems on the same ... (822) 530-5672

Sep 19 rechaos

We're introducing a new concept in WHMCS. A Module that can be extended even more with Plugins!Few days ago we started working on Italian Fatturazione Elettronica and Revenue stamp on Invoices. Both features are crucial for companies based in Italy but we didn't want to make Settings page bigger for our non-Italian customers. Considering that we al... Read More »

Sep 10 6099555332

There's still a lot of work to be done but probably the most important page of the upcoming Commission Manager is becoming something nice to use.

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