Christian has kissed almost every girl in our class.

I would like to hear your opinion.


My credit card was rejected by the cashpoint.

The odds are against us.

He idles away his time.

The Romans built aqueducts to bring clean water into the cities.

I have a lot of regrets.

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The problem is that solar power is too expensive.

He continued to work.

Vickie was an attorney.


I'm not saying you have to explain it all to me right now.

He saved us all.

It would be awesome to have a script which looks for sentences, searches for translations, and concatenates the audio files.

Did you do this for me?

The introduction of foreign plants and animals can cause severe damage to ecosystems.


The child who was caught stealing apples bravely faced the music in accepting his punishment.


Don't call me that, she said softly.

Eugene never fully recovered.

We eat supper about six o'clock.

Don't forget about me!

Tell me what's wrong.


The hotel was designed by a Japanese architect.

Kayvan was wearing a new hat.

I have a busy day tomorrow.

Juri is very conceited, isn't he?

You can't speak English with 100 words.

Could you clear off the table?

In that regard, I agree with you.

Bill resembles his father in character.

You've invited your friends too, haven't you?

I have to go there.

The concentration of ascorbic acid in the tablet is very low.


They both have a diamond credit card.


A lot of people swim here in the summer.


The house was carried away by strong winds.

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Are there any problems we should know about?

Have her meet us here at 2:30.

What's that disgusting smell?

Leave the thinking up to me.

That's only half the story.


How do you know they came here?

I don't know English.

But nothing is so hard for those who abound in riches, as to conceive how others can be in want.

You didn't happen to see Stefan in town today, did you?

It's Jorge I have a problem with.

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They sent the first man into space.

We spent a fabulous day in the woods.

I don't blame Tor for doing that.


Everybody but me was in a little group of friends.

There is one less.

It's a pity you didn't tell somebody sooner.

The clerk refused to give me a refund at which point I demanded to see the manager.

Alexis is very interesting.

Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, I take the disposable chopsticks home with me.

Kindness is a virtue.

This room has fine view of the mountain.

His bag is right here, so he cannot have gone to school yet.

If you dream of starting your own business, but sit, enjoy yourself and don't do anything in that direction, you will not achieve anything.

When you arrive in Osaka, please contact me.

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I don't know when she will arrive.

We finished today.

I think you need to buy a new pair of hiking boots.

Why would Lee come back?

I feel bad that I can't come today.

We plan to spend Christmas with my wife's family this year.

Naim had a hip replacement surgery.

What kind of part-time job do you have?

These days, it rains frequently.

I'll try to pop in later.

He retired at sixty.

I'm a very competitive person.

The master's will be easier.


This song sounds somewhat familiar.

Can anyone fix a flat tire?

He's eating breakfast in the cafe.

Dewey is a better chess player than I expected him to be.

Am I being punished?

How many different schools have you attended in all?

It's no use pretending to make me believe that I believe things you don't believe!

Stop bad mouthing him.

The minister, whom I spoke to recently, agrees with me.

"Whose books are these?" "They are Alice's."

He ran the risk of having an accident.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at.

The majority of my patients come to me from out of town.


Has a Lyndon ever asked you to lie for him?


This one's broken.

I can't understand Dorothy.

We don't know who invited everyone.


Aaron is hyperactive.

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Everyone says it, nobody knows it.

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Jean-Christophe worked at the restaurant that Sean's father owned.

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Marilyn's last name is hard to pronounce.

They all envied my new car.

Johan gave me something I really wanted for my birthday.


Ramesh eats a lot of Chinese food.

Kyle wrote stories.

We're happy.

You should go talk to him.

Was there fresh bread in the box?

Stop trying to make me feel guilty.

Take three steps and jump.

Come and get it.

You'd better eat everything that's on your plate.


You can't just lie to me.

I really can't do that.

"Did giving Sergei the money help?" "I don't think it did."

I know you speak French.

You're completely wrong.

The pink pillow is clean.

Calculus was developed by Leibniz and Newton independently of each other around the same time period.


I have to ask you some personal questions that you may not want to answer.

I'm sure the guy you saw wasn't Lum.

Isidore ate some food, drank some beer, and then went right to sleep.

The picture was wonderful.

Diane is good at tennis.

It may just turn out to be nothing.

I want the name of everyone who was here yesterday.

Niall and Angela are watching TV and eating potato chips.

What are the visiting hours?

We're brothers.

Mom, Francisco's hitting me!

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How did you like Linda's concert?

I wish I could prevent that.

Last week my mother came down with the flu.

I talked about lions.

The crowd was moving in a solid body.

People living in a big city tend to lack exercise.

Marcel was questioned by the police about what had happened.

I enjoy talking with you.

Won't you join us?

This is a little gift for you.

He tends to take sides with the weaker party.

That's no big deal.

Do you have time tomorrow?

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While she sat on the cliff and combed her hair, she sang a wonderfully beautiful song.

He lives in a cozy little house.

I don't have anything more to translate.

I've been to neither of those places.

Can you show us how to do that?


Everybody knew her true feelings.

He brought me to the bus stop.

Allow me to introduce to you my friend Yamada.

This sounds very interesting.

The bull is mooing.

Angus said he paid thirty dollars for that shirt.

The keys are on the table.

I love to throw curveballs.

Did you see David go aboard?

She has fallen in love with me.

The waiter brought me my drink.


You're not bruised.

I was wrongfully punished.

When did you first meet her?

You don't like them, do you?

We had a wonderful holiday in Sweden.


I'm not getting married.

I've already decided.

That song hunted me for years.

Felix escaped the danger.

Where did you learn to do this?

I thought you grew up in Boston.

My desk back home is very similar to this one.

He became a sailor.

You're scaring the kids.

Come and see me if you have any time.

What are the origins of the Olympics?

Do you think he still remembers me?

I don't want to say that to him.

I saw that happen.

As for the air, there is always some moisture in the atmosphere, but when the amount increases a great deal, it affects the light waves.