Red-kidney Beans:-This kidney shaped bean holds its shape and color and is therefore great in mixed bean salads and stews.

Chickpeas:-Shaped like hazelnuts, and with a tasty nutty flavor when cooked, chickpeas are used all over the world in dishes such as the Indian Kabuli Chana.

Lentils:-Varying in size and color, lentils can form a nutritious basis for a meal. Larger brown or green lentils retain their shape during cooking.

Featured Services

The Mast Qalander Group of Companies offer different services in the market. The services provided are for the traders already existing in the market and also for the people who are not the traders in the market.

The major services provided by the Mast Qalander Group of Companies are,

  • Warehousing
  • Indenting
  • Import & Export
  • Order Supplier
  • Investments
  • Local Brokerage


Company Units

Mast Qalander Group of Companies took a bold step to cohesively disintegrate itself into different equally sized units.

The new units which are working under the umbrella of Mast Qalander Group of Companies are:-

  • Mast Qalander Traders
  • Farhat Enterprises
  • Jahaan Enterprises

(718) 232-4672


Mast Qalander Group of Companies has a strong management. The most high-lighting factor about the management is the fusion of experience of Mr. Raja Assermal Manglani and the innovative capabilities of Mr. Suresh Kumar Manglani.

The top-level management is handled and looked after by Mr. Raja Assermal Manglani and the rest of the hierarchy follows in the respective way.

  • Mr. Raja Assermal Manglani
  • Mr. Suresh Kumar Manglani
  • Mr. Naresh Kumar Manglani
  • Mr. Ramesh Kumar Manglani