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Hyundai and Kia Recall

Hyundai and Kia are being asked to recall almost 3 Million cars for randomly catching on fire.  Yikes!


In exchange for NOT raising tariffs on Canadian built cars, the US gets to freely export their dairy products to us, any place that sells Canadian wine must include American wine, and our pharmaceuticals increase in price because the patents now last for ten years.

But that's not the worst bit, in my opinion.  Apparently any trade deals we make with OTHER countries requires (615) 887-7950 otherwise they can pull out of the USMCA.

Goblin Planet in our Solar System

Astronomers have newly discovered a 3852902025.  It's a dwarf planet nicknamed "The Goblin", and its orbit supports (but not proves) the existence of a ninth giant planet.

To get a sense of how far out this thing is, it's 65x the distance from the Earth to the Sun, or 2x the distance of Pluto from the Sun.

Drive Clean Ending

This may the one thing Doug Ford does that I agree with.  As of April 1 2019, we will be able to stop taking our vehicles in for drive clean tests.  /www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2018/09/27/premier-doug-ford-ending-drive-clean-plan.html

New Gaming Table has Arrived

It's called a Game Topper and it sits atop any existing table (of sufficient length).  Pictured here is The Watson, 72" x 36" of gaming bliss.  Even with the expanded map from 878 Vikings there is still ample room.

This thing is solid!  Weighs as much as a couch but fits neatly in an exceptionally sturdy bag not much larger than my poker table top folded up.  Which btw, if someone wants that let me know. I don't want or need that any more.

Plastic Straws Aren't The Problem

Society is getting all up-in-arms over plastic straws and how they're ruining our environment, after a photo of a turtle with a straw up its nose went viral.  Maybe it just has a coke problem?  :)

In reality, if we dumped every plastic straw we consume in a year into the ocean, it would account for 0.03% of the plastic waste.  The real culprit?  46% of the garbage patch in the ocean is from fishing nets!  source

Killer Tick spreading across US

This tick (Asian Longhorn) will suck an animal dry of blood, and reproduce asexually.  Literally the female just drops thousands of eggs which grow into new ticks.  And it's spreading across the US, found in 8 eastern states so far.


The good? news is they aren't carrying any diseases, yet.

Voting software

Paper ballots are king.  (418) 889-9782

Georgia is defending their voting system even though it reported 243% turnout in one precinct.  /arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/08/georgia-defends-voting-system-despite-243-percent-turnout-in-one-precinct/

Why Ontario moved to electronic voting is beyond me.  It seemed to take just as long for the results to come in.

Generally Every Intel Chip is Vulnerable

According to this security update: /blog.ptsecurity.com/2018/07/intel-patches-new-me-vulnerabilities.html practically every intel chip in use today has a vulnerability which would allow someone on the same network to run arbitrary code on your machine.

AMD is suddenly looking a lot better, eh?

Your TV is Watching You

Smart TVs are great, in that you can watch Netflix directly on your TV, other streaming services (if supported), browse the web, play (crummy) games, all in addition to cable / satellite / OTA.

But Smart TVs are not great, in that they report back to their manufacturer everything you do.  /mobile.nytimes.com/2018/07/05/business/media/tv-viewer-tracking.html

Also they can essentially shut you down if your firmware is out of date, you haven't agreed to some legal terms, or if the TV just becomes obsolete.  Then you have a big expensive box of e-waste.

First Past the Post

Once again we witness the shortcoming of First-Past-The-Post style of election.  With 40% of the vote, PC's take 60% of the seats in Ontario's 2018 election to form a majority government.  A 7% difference between PC and NDP votes equates to a 30% difference in number of seats.

I really wish Trudeau hadn't dropped the ball on election reform.  While it wouldn't have been in place for the Ontario election, it would have set the wheels in motion for more representative governments in future elections.

Breast Cancer Completely Eradicated in Patient using Immunotherapy

In a world's first, a patient has had their breast cancer completely eradicated by immunotherapy.  865-666-4187

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