Pakems are the lightweight packable shoe designed to take with you while you PLAY HARD.
The perfect solution to slip on so you can sit back and RELAX HAPPY.
Life is an adventure, take us with you!


Design Your Own Pakems Shoe!

Introducing THE BODIE, the customizable Pakems!

The Bodie is named after the creator of Pakems, Julie’s, son who asked his mom if he could color his own marble Pakems with fabric pens. The discovery inspired our color your own shoe.

The Lightweight Packable Shoe.

Virtual 360 Tour:

  • Weighs Only 15 Ounces

    Pakems weigh just about 15 ounces and can be reduced to a two-inch profile.

  • Rugged & Great Traction

    Pakems feature lightweight rip stop fabric & rubber soles for traction.

  • Super Comfort

    Great for sport enthusiasts, commuters and travelers who want comfort.

  • Low or High-Top Style

    Low or high-top styles for different environments.



Step Into Your Intentions

We believe in giving back and making a difference. Our social awareness campaign is called “Step Into Your Intentions.”  We believe real change starts with everyone’s intention each and every day. To encourage everyone that we need to treat others with respect, we have the words “be kind” on the inside of every shoe.  Julie was bullied as a child, so this anti-bullying message is very important to her and the rest of the team.

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