IoT / Blockchain expo at Olympia, London just got over and it attracted a record 14k+ visitors this year. It comes as no surprise for most of us, given the location of the expo, but what’s more fascinating was how the New Gen Tech world adopted this new wave of technologies and trying to get their best out of it. It was information overloaded in the last 2 days, to say the least, but did it all make sense?! 

Blockchain Boom is in its prime!

Our goal as we walked into the exhibition hall located in the riverside district, Hammersmith was to obtain insight on both the technologies. But Blockchain not only gained the majority of our time & focus but also max number of exhibiting spaces. One exhibitor who I spoke to told me that it was exact opposite scenario last year where IoT had strong foothold compared to Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence). So, that adequately sums up the far and wide reach Blockchain have had in the last 1 year. Some of the estimates few exhibitors shared on where this technology will be by 2020 were mind-boggling and from what they’ve said its just the beginning!

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New Technologies are invented at a rapid pace and every new technology paves the way for tens of thousands of applications at the mercy of creative minds. Blockchain is one such technology happened in this decade that has taken the world by storm and has had every technologist to talk about it. Thanks to one of its first applications, Cryptocurrency that introduced the legendary Bitcoin! Yet, Bitcoin is already a thing of past and it appears people have finally stopped buying them? Miners are a different story though. Every industry wants to create their own cryptocurrency and take it out to the world.