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  • If your OS is setup to power down hard-drives after a period of inactivity disable this feature. You may re-enable it once you're done uploading.

{ "absoluteMinimumPartSize": 5000000, "accountId": "795fde114915", "allowed": { "bucketId": null, "bucketName": null, "capabilities": [ "listKeys", "writeKeys", "deleteKeys", "listBuckets", "writeBuckets", "deleteBuckets", "listFiles", "readFiles", "shareFiles", "writeFiles", "deleteFiles" ], "namePrefix": null }, "apiUrl": "/", "authorizationToken": "4_001795fde1149150000000000_018a813a_5d062d_acct_uxUBkmN6F3lc7sSQotoJkyzOy7c=", "downloadUrl": "/", "minimumPartSize": 100000000, "recommendedPartSize": 100000000}