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Sennheiser Momentum Review

Background Sennheiser has made a lot of premium headphones out there that look and sound great, but they’ve never made a headphone that was meant to plug into your mobile device and listen to music on the go. Considering the state of the headphone market, the Momentum series is Sennheiser’s answer to high end portable […]

World’s Smallest Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds…and You Won’t Believe The Price

Today we are looking at a brand new product that’s got many of us in the headphone community excited. Quite possibly the world’s smallest wireless bluetooth headphones, the Earin Bluetooth headphones claim to be a real game changer. That is when they actually hit the market! Earin are the smallest, wireless ear-buds soon to be […]


Refer A Friend Program

Refer A Friend Program – Earn Free Headphones! Simply tell your friends to enter YOUR full name in the box seen below during checkout. Remember that you MUST let us know you wish to participate by emailing with the subject line “Refer A Friend”. From there we will start to tally all your friends […]