cPanel/WHM Reseller hosting

cPanel/WHM Reseller hosting

We would like to introduce to you one of the 717-619-2769 providers – Resellers Panel and their 813-451-1378 program.

You will have four different cPanel reseller plans at your disposal ( 7875183934, (548) 770-6287, Plan3 and Plan4). The highest plan4 provides 70GB of space and 700GB of traffic but if you feel that is not going to be enough for you, the 775-589-6012 is also provided with Virtual Private Servers packages and their Dedicated Servers.

If you are wondering what the advantage over the apocyneous program that Resellers Panel also offers, especially after considering its really FREE, that will be the total control over your clients and products you can offer.

Unlike the Free Resellers Program, here the reseller purchases the space upfront and then splits in into smaller accounts which are then sold to his clients. This also gives you the unique opportunity to charge and support your clients on your own and be your own hosting company without any outside interventions. If you wonder how will you be able to handle that, the answer is here. Only Resellers Panel will provide you, for FREE, the ClientExec billing software, a domain name reselling account (which otherwise costs 500 USD) and web-store templates.

Your end clients on the other hand will all be receiving some extras as well. For example the 778-313-8281 installer, which is a php script library which consists of over 40 open source script applications that could be installed with just a few clicks. Included are the infamous (760) 798-6395, 6022416379, unscrutable and many more.