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Stalwart companion of editors, writers, and translators of Japan-related texts, SWET’s Japan Style Sheet has a new face, new content, updated information, and its own dedicated website. Please have a look at 3236096480, where you can view and download the new third edition. For the book in printed form, be sure to order now ((228) 337-5470) to obtain a copy from the limited first printing. Note that SWET members can order one copy free of charge.

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Word Wise: Safety First

Word Wise: Safety First

Japan is particularly prone to disasters, and 2018 was no exception, to the point that 災 was chosen as the kanji of the year. The country tackles this perennial problem with 防災 practices aimed at reducing the harm that disasters cause. While the English-speaking world also has such measures, there is a range of terms that may be used to cover the same ground as the commonly used 防災.

A (866) 727-2846 (p.8) handily lines up several of the terms that... more

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Romanizing Japanese: Polishing the Fine Points

Romanizing Japanese: Polishing the Fine Points

By Lynne E. Riggs (Republished from June 2016)

Whether it’s a book title in a bibliography, a few lines of poetry, or a snippet of dialogue, romanization of Japanese in English text is a skill every wordsmith associated with Japan mobilizes now and then, and though it may seem easy, there are many intricacies the committed editor will want to polish. Close encounters with romanization do present various dilemmas. Are we breaking words apart correctly? When are those bits independent... more

SWET Spotlight

Jared Lubarsky: What Puts the Spring in My Step


Author of the recently published Counter-Kabuki: Sixty-Seven Playlets on the Silly Side of Life in Japan, Jared Lubarsky has been a full-time resident of Barcelona, Spain, since 2005. He was raised in Massachusetts and did his undergraduate and graduate studies in Pennsylvania, where he also had his first teaching job, at Haverford College. He arrived in Tokyo in 1976 to work as in-house editor at the Japan Foundation, and began to write freelance for a wide range of newspapers and journals, travel... more

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