Would you stop that caterwauling?

I call for a vote.

Sho and Heinrich had a child and called him Hohn Junior.

I hope Frederick is coming.

We are indirectly dependent upon the labour of others for all the necessities and comforts of our lives.

Let's go play football!


They're up to no good.


I bought this book in Boston last month.


How badly they ski!


I'm on vacation.

Quit picking on them.

The president will issue a statement tomorrow.

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I can't look at this photo without feeling very sad.

We can't talk now.

This is good stuff!

I know you've got more important things to do.

They visited the town every now and then.


From a distance, they shot at each other.

Ian bought that car for three thousand dollars three months ago.

Nobody suspected it!

Konrad invited Jackye to a party at the country club.

Stacy didn't try to resist.


I found this in the cavern.

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Skip threw Chet a life preserver.

Angela can't do it.

Everything that Suyog just said was true.


Alfred really enjoys his job.

If he studied hard, he could pass the exam.

Have you seen Paul today?

No one told me that she had failed.

Nancy understands that.

Hui attributed his failure in the exam to illness.

Mike is very domineering.


Jeannie looked at me triumphantly and said, "Checkmate."

Hillel is an excellent attorney.

This ticket is valid for three days.


Farouk took Friday off.

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Tell him to get a life.

We have to set up the tent in the shade of that tree.

I love the colours.

This car can drive on par with that one there.

It's not a toothpaste, it's a face-cleansing foam!

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Exercise may help.

Sunil didn't say much more.

The news article painted the defendant as a guilty man, even though he had been proven innocent.


That would be so inappropriate.

She was a chonga.

Why does he want to join the army?

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I've grown rather fond of Isabelle.

You can't help Sangho tomorrow because you have to work all day.

Man is born without teeth, without hair, and without illusions. And he dies the same way: without teeth, without hair, and without illusions.

How's your business going?

The question itself is fundamentally wrong.

This smartphone uses an ARM processor.

It didn't happen all at once.

Sometimes machines can make an unconscious person breathe for years.

Alan didn't want to think about that problem anymore.


Who's Stephe looking at?

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He made the best of the time left.

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That's the catch.

A strike disrupted the postal system.

She's ruined her clothes.


That's why people are worried.


I was on my way home.

Hy begged Olivier for another chance.

I hate to see Knute leave.

I want to close the account.

Naresh played his violin.


Saumya wiped away Sergeant's tears.


I've seen you around.


I'd suggest that you don't eat there. It's high priced and the food doesn't taste all that good.


Let's get together in my office.


This is too expensive!

I know this house used to be yours.

Nobody tells the truth. Vote for Nobody.

Is she staying at a hotel?

Johnnie wondered what to do with the wallet he found.

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They did not like it and were angry.


Novorolsky has been acting strange lately.

Can I take your word for it?

Lonhyn is full of energy.

I'm going to punch you in the face.

Old in body but young at heart.


There are two cynophiles in my class.

The singer is known to everybody at our school.

They're all older than you.


I have never been inside this classroom.

I expect he'll pass the examination.

All things considered, we cannot say that he is wrong.

I'm soaking wet.

That wasn't what Gypsy meant.

Did you find another picture?

Enlist yourselves!

We need sleep.

This earth is moist owing to the recent rain.

His bravery to save the child from drowning is above praise.

Are you back to stay?

I approve of everything that he says.

These are the best years of your life.


That puppy is so adorable.

I would wholeheartedly agree.

Walk calmly to the door.

The douche fell asleep!

It's the living image of your grandfather.

These pipes screw together.

You have done these things, and I kept silence. You thought that the "I AM" was just like you. I will rebuke you, and accuse you in front of your eyes.

This house is a very beautiful one.

The company cancelled the project.


We don't have to hide.


What do you like and dislike?

Why are they so upset?

I have a hammer, and I'm not afraid to use it!

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Dan opened up the sandwich and found no cheese in it.


Wow! What a big box!

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They welcomed me warmly, so I felt at home.

Soon he needed new clothes.

We went to the Tama Zoo.

I'm having a hard time concentrating.

Please pay a deposit of two month's rent.

It would be better if you didn't climb such a high mountain in the winter.

We haven't been able to find anyone to replace Patricia.

Starbuck tried to break up the fight.

Woody and Jarl both had no idea what John was talking about.

I'm looking for my friend.

Hwa can't stand it when Dwayne hovers around her while she's cooking.

If you walk your dog, scoop the poop.

The real name of Obamacare is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

I've heard no complaints from Anne.

What's wrong with yours?

She was in charge of the office while I was away on a trip to Kyoto for a week.

Lois stands to inherit a lot of money when his parents die.


It's our only show.

Janos handles a saw very well.

There's no difference.

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Where can I ride a motorcycle?

I'm not in a position to give you any advice.

Strange, isn't it?

This word is not in common use.

My house is built of wood.

His plan is still in the air.

Stumbling on something this simple, I can tell it will be difficult going forward.

The majority didn't accept the proposal.

Nelken is usually a stickler for the rules.


I think he's hiding something from us.

Two American students live in this dorm.

He is a fast speaker.


Ariel might be the guy who did this.


All my love, John.

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I'm not going away.

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Are you psychotic?

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Suck my dick!

Syed should still be in bed.

I always keep three dictionaries at hand.

Honestly, what time do you plan to sleep until? It's already noon!

Hartmann didn't understand Wolf's joke.


From here, it's about three kilometers to the coast.