Her grandmother walks around all hunched over.

Where did you fold them?

Martyn sang better tonight than he usually does.

Which is the route to Paris?

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I answer for his honesty.

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Where are you headed for?

Let's make this short.

I bought this bike four years ago.

Say it ain't so!

I had to stifle my anger in front of him.

We hit it off.

My dad is accustomed to jogging at night.

When is Vinod's birthday?

It's the truth, isn't it?

Is Kanthan next?

But it's not fair!

Tolerant didn't have enough money.

I couldn't convince Panos lend me the money I needed.

We need actions, not words.

I will meet you at the station tomorrow.


Are you frank and diplomatic? These are good prerequisites for resolving everyday relationship issues.

How are your parents getting along?

Roxane followed John into the office.

The Democrats bought space on commercial television for the campaign.

Wolf and Brodie are still watching TV.

You still haven't told me where we're going.

Stop talking about her.

There's nothing I can tell you.

You are a child of the same cosmos that created Plato, Buddha and Confucius.


She is neatly dressed.

We really are isolated.

The water is pure.


It would be better if you read more books.

Will you please connect me with Mr. Smith?

She ate nothing but lean meat.

Let's smoke this charas!

How were they killed?

He beat his children.

Unfortunately, your contribution breaks some grammatical rules.

We should be better than this.

A cat doesn't accept a master.

Who's that lame boy?

Why would your opinion be more important than mine?


There's only one God.

Probably periodic introduction of rabies comes with drift ice from Siberia with the polar foxes on them.

I'd advise doing that.

It's getting kind of crowded in here.

Would you authorize me to record this conversation?


Semisolid snow that will barely hold a person, coarse snow with a hard, rugged crust and light, fluffy lying snow. There are Sami words for these and hundreds more types of snow.

How long have you been able to drive?

You misled me.


I just don't understand why people would want to live here.

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Randal put the lid on the box.


Dick was in a traffic accident.

Pia plays the xylophone better than Francis does.

He pulled up the weed and threw it away.

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Look! There is a cat in the kitchen.

They were predicting this would happen.

The noisy headphones are that guy's.

I didn't like them.

Help yourself to something.


The eye of a hurricane is its center.

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Look out the window.

I could have gone to college, but I decided not to.

They have done it.

Hardly anyone reads my blog.

I strongly suggest that you study harder.

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I'm an outdoorsman.

This food contains all the minerals without which our bodies would not function.

She was asking for it.

Roger, what you say makes sense and I agree with you.

I swim every day.

That idea isn't bad.

I pretended that I didn't see it.

What do you think were the year's ten biggest items of news?

Don't let her drink any more.

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Little did he know what was waiting to happen mere hours later...

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Don't look at me.

I don't associate with Mr Tanaka any more.

I don't think it's Kirsten who's the problem.

She loves Louis more than I do.

I didn't know what else to do, so I just left.


Here is your bag.

I can't get that thought out of my head.

A banana is yellow.

Interlingue is more beautiful and easier than Esperanto.

Why are people afraid of me?


This item now accounts for 20 percent of our sales.

Englishmen are the heirs of liberty.

I'm not here on business.

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Words fail me in expressing my emotion.

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This land is my property.

I own one German car.

Were you with my father today?

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He's a little pale.

Did Kay ever tell you what he wanted for Christmas?

Tell them only what they need to know.

They turned to face each other, and then kissed each other on the lips.

He's been dead ten years.

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Maria hasn't eaten or drank the whole day.

I'm from Georgia.

Aaron has some clothes that need to be washed.

I had great expectations for Dan.

Tomas says that he's a creature of habit.

You and I are both adults.

A green banana isn't ripe enough to eat.

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I have to explain this to her.


They were trampled by the crowd.


Nobody had anything more to say.


Kristian declared war on the corruption in his country.

Have you been here since?

Brooke reached over and turned off the radio.

I am against the war, of course.

Patty can learn incredibly fast.

Francisco's duties include raking the leaves.

Shaw asked Stephen to help him clean his room.

You've got to do something to help Jon.

It was three weeks before she wrote an answer to Jem.

We'll make sure Steve knows what he's supposed to do.

There's something I have to do.

I don't hate this.

Tickets are $13 and include a picnic lunch after the game.

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Both my parents came to see me off at the airport.

He got a loan from the bank.

I wish I could see her.

We're staring at them.

I've always wanted to try it.

I didn't even know that you had one.

Bush never violated the Geneva Convention.

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Let go of the bottle.

Your time is limited.

A price rise is what followed after it.

The food was very good.

At last, we arrived at the village.

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It's a lot of fun making people laugh while giving a speech.

So he went in.

I don't know if she will come or not.

It always happens this way.

I bought this yesterday.

You'll have to jack up the car.

What a piece of folly!

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Do you want to talk about it or not?

This is very irregular.

Are you in a rush?

When we were small, father used to read us moving stories.

He worked hard to make his child happy.


Their rooms are always clean.

I just need to know why this is happening.

Are you familiar with that person?

She read the book once when she was sixteen.

Open this door right now!

The police showed me your picture.

Susie was unable to take part in the game because she wasn't feeling well.


This is a biblical text.

I'm very worried for your sake.

He applied for a job with the Bank of Tokyo.

You're a weirdo.

They invited me to dinner.


I went off into my room as soon as I entered the house.

The air was filled with phantoms, wandering hither and thither in restless haste, and moaning as they went.

I have a red house.

The boat sank with the loss of all on board.

He was named after the king.

Do you have a smaller size?

When was the last time you saw Darci smile?


Dean wanted a bigger discount.