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Welcome to Simple Health and Beauty.com. My passion is finding health, beauty and even fashion products that make life a little easier. “Simple health and beauty for your not so simple life” ….it’s our motto and our promise!  I am not attracted to beauty and health regimes that complicate things or take a lot of time.  I like items that are high quality and unique, but most of all just simply work and solve a problem for me! With a 30 year career in the fashion and beauty industries, I have developed a reputation for honesty and integrity that I don’t take for granted in recommending products. I personally use everything we sell, so I hope you will come to love what you find here as much as I do!



Save My Feet

Save My Feet

Wear every pair of shoes you own and never get a blister..Save My Feet is a product you will never leave home without if you have ever had a problem with blisters and irritation from your new or even favorite shoes!
One Minute Manicure


At home spa treatment for hands, body & feet

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All-in-One body-wash, skincare, and fragrance-infused body buffers, are better than ever.

Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch

 BYTOX: The specially-formulated Bytox hangover prevention patch effectively replenishes the vital levels of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants your body loses when you consume alcohol.


Exfolia Beauty Cloth

Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA™ 
The Original Miracle Cloth for glowing skin for face & body
High-tech, patented cloth exfoliates dead skin cells.
Relax & Wax

Relax & Wax

Relax & Wax with No Scream Cream – Finally waxing does not have to hurt.



Whether washing your face, taking a bath, getting a massage or facial, women of all ages love and need a tassi...or two!
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These are the most exceptional hand, nail, and foot treatments I have ever found.                                       



 Product of the Day!


Save My Feet Blister Elixer - 2 oz Tube

 New 2 oz travel size. Take it with you when you go. 
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Product of the Month!
Save My Feet Blister Elixer - 2 oz Tube

Save My Feet Blister Elixer - 2 oz Tube

 New 2 oz travel size. Take it with you when you go.