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Save A Child began its journey in 1998 with a focus on needy and disabled children. Over the years, the organisation lost momentum. After numerous setbacks and insufficient support, the current chairman had to inject his personal funds to get Save A Child back on its feet.

In 2002, with a new lease on life, the focus was set on the cerebral palsied children as they made up the largest contingent in the hands of Save A Child.

Beneficiaries are spread from St Helena Bay on the west coast to Mpumalanga in the east, Durban to George on the south coast and Polokwane in the north. In addition we are assisting with school feeding at a local school and are planning condensed gardening projects to further self-help attitudes. Even beneficiary families are involved in and running projects to obtain needed equipment.

We are dedicated to making a difference in these children’s lives and we rely on outside help for funding the various projects we work on. This site lists the many different ways that you can help and we look forward to connecting with you.

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