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Daryl doesn't know anything about Anthony, other than her name.

Every Sunday, Takashi loves to adjust his car's engine.

This play was adapted from the novel.

Please write, on a piece of paper, something you like about the person sitting next to you.

I have finally finished my homework; now I can go to bed.


Herve took his coat out of the closet and put it on.

You're better than me.

We were lucky of having born in the same galaxy.

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Reid and Kirsten danced all night long.

I know this is difficult for you.

I don't have much knowledge of physics.

Would you like to see my stamp collection?

I make 100 euros a day.

Before this car, I drove a Nissan.

Money is everything.

Eat and drink all that you want!

Geoff's a good-hearted person.

You're right, as always.

I don't like being told what to do.

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Tony said he didn't know.

Tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are.

I want to feel special.


We're going to have to confiscate your files.

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I am no more interested in physics than you are.


Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?


Dan didn't even make it through the front door.

Sometimes they say: "I can't go to school. I'll go tomorrow".

iTunes has turned out to be a real cash cow for Apple.


Let her do the talking.


Have you ever eaten whale meat?

Srinivas's drunk.

She felt she had been tricked into marriage.

I've asked Sonja to lend me his car, but he won't.

Sri's car cost a lot more than mine did.

I understand how you feel.

I cannot but object to his proposal.


You're too drunk to drive.

Prove me wrong.

Don't lie to me!

Rusty entered the office carrying an armload of mail.

Dana was reading, with a cat sleeping beside her.

Huey should have married Brad.

I got a temporary job at the firm.

What should I wear?

She blushed with shame.

Everyone formed couples and began dancing.

Tell them we need an ambulance.

You just saved me a lot of time.

It isn't easy to teach little kids.

She works as an ecdysiast.

I can't do it again.

We'll meet them at the gate.

Everybody knows I hate her.

I'm right beside you.

True friendship is invaluable.


We think him to be very honest.

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Policemen aren't permitted to drink on duty.


Many lost their homes in the earthquake.

It's likely to rain tomorrow.

That's mostly right.

The gate needs to be closed.

Where were you guys today?

We are bound to make mistakes from time to time.

I hope Lar doesn't lose.

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They were going to hang him.

Ramon is irreplaceable.

What time will dinner be served?

Why are you this nice to me?

Everyone was shocked.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

She saved some money for a rainy day.

What a splendid dinner!

The tour guide pointed out the sight.

Could you advance me some money?

You should probably go.

We decided by vote.

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.

Did you all hear that?

I'm going to play tennis this evening.

I'll have to study it further.

In recent years electronic computers have become increasingly important.

Rayan wanted you to have this.

Lana is calming down.

Cristi shoved Miriam out of his way.

Yes. And it's only a hop, skip and a jump to the nearest mall.

That's what we're talking about.

The weather is bad and it's the day before payday, so I won't go out today.

You've taken a big step today.

May I apply for asylum?

The pilot increased the speed of the plane.

The bodies were tied by their feet and hands.

Case'll be ready.

He is cultivating roses.

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We cannot afford it.

Dan pulled the pick-up truck out of the mud with his huge tow truck.

I don't have a guilty conscience.

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I want to learn standard English.

Nature provides all that I need.

I rock a lot of polka dots.

He hurried so as not to miss the train.

Happy birthday, my friend!

Jem could've hurt me worse.

Our public leaders are imaginative and often come up with new ideas.

I don't have many friends.

I can't wait to leave.


Mother, I'm sorry for causing you trouble all the time.

The children played in the mud with enthusiasm.

This feels kind of desperate.

Where is the blanket?

I'll take it up with her.

Honestly, I don't believe it's a matter of plagiarism.

I just can't help you right now.

During a flight, an airplane's weight constantly changes as the aircraft consumes fuel.

I see him often.


I just had a talk with your doctor.

If a man kills a tiger, they say it's sport. If a tiger kills a man, they say it's brutality.

She sat on the floor, her eyes closed.

It's a biggish chair, but it'll just barely fit through the doorway.

I have some doubts about his coming in this weather.


The teaching of humanities in Chile leaves much to be desired.


I'm afraid of reptiles.

About this time of the year typhoons visit the island.

Haven't I told you this before?

You're almost there.

This rule cannot be applied to that case.


She wrote him a long letter, but he didn't read it.

The giraffe cannot swim because its centre of gravity is so high that it would topple over.

I changed the incorrect sentence.

Tickets are available at the door.

Jared enjoyed going for walks with Alastair.

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Don't support Peter.

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It's been so long since I've been here.

Pedro's daughter is sick.

Chicago's population is a lot bigger than that of Boston.

Why would Allen give up?

The cup is made of gold.

Your ideas are hardly practical.

We've taken a long hard look at your sales-directed communication and decided to buy some of the weed that you smoke.

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You never say what you really think, do you?


I just told you something I've never told anyone else.

Everybody expected that the experiment would result in failure.

Dan managed to prove his innocence.

He's ahead of us in so many ways.

I haven't seen Karen since we fell out last month.

Louise doesn't need me anymore.

I often fuck things up.


Contributing to Tatoeba is not an expensive hobby.


In this shop we sell meat.


These toys are suitable for girls.

I am always helped by you.

She's very impressionable.

Jarvis asked Srinivas what was wrong.

We ate my delicious duck.

We have to follow him.

The day will surely come when your dream will come true.

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He went out of the room without saying any words.

Al introduced Roxana to me.

Talk louder so that I may hear you.


After the iron had cooled off, Marco wrapped the electrical cord around the iron, put the iron back on the shelf, folded up the ironing board, and put it away back in the closet.


Much love to the children.

I'll take care of that.

He that stays in the valley shall never get over the hill.

She likes to humiliate people.

Everyone knows that Bell invented the telephone.

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Are you going to eat here or do you want us to wrap it?

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I don't think they're going to hear us.