Easy and effective response to threats without the need to add security expertise. Blumira provides big budget security at an affordable cost.

Blumira is a scalable, cloud-based security platform

The Blumira Detection Engine was conceived and is curated by security pros who know today’s attacker methodologies. It is able to pinpoint what’s actionable without a team of security analysts. Built-in workflows ensure the right information goes to the right audience at the right time.


No lengthy startup or learning curve.

Efficient and Accurate

On average, our detection distills 10M events down to 1 action item. Most SIEM products drown IT with 200x more data.

No Capacity planning needed

No infrastructure to manage. Pay for what you need when you need it.


IT team gets information that’s understandable and it’s always clear what to do next.


It does the heavy lifting to pare down the overwhelming amount of data from logs into actionable events.

Security Expertise Included

Security Researchers maintain our detection engine. Security Analysts vet the events automation can’t handle accurately.

The status quo approach is failing.

PREVENTION IS NOT PERFECT.  It takes only once to give the bad guys a foothold in your network. Effective detection and response is essential.

TOO COSTLY.  The cost of a 24/7 Security Operations Centers is far too high for most midsize and enterprise companies.

TOO MANY PEOPLE NEEDED.  Without a team of analysts, IT teams drown in data, chasing red herrings instead of attackers.

TOO TIME CONSUMING.  Too hard to get up and running. Too hard to maintain.

Blumira gives control back to IT teams.

Just send data from your existing infrastructure to Blumira.
IT team members get: actionable information and clear guidance from the start
IT managers get: peace of mind, visibility, and insights they need at a cost that makes sense

Get easy and effective breach detection

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