Rights of Home Care Patients

Rights of Home Care Patients

Patients who receive assistance through home care or home health care have many rights to protect their dignity and their well being. In fact, it is federal law that patients are informed of their rights by their home care provider. The National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) has compiled a detailed list of patient rights that     Hospice Home Care Agency    covers topics such as information sharing and the right of the patient to question the quality of their care.

The bill of rights as outlined by the NAHC includes:

  1. The right of patients to chose a home care provider who will disclose information about diagnosis, treatment, and policies
    2. The right of patients to be treated in an appropriate and professional manner by all medical and non-medical personnel
    3. The right of patients to question any aspect of their care and to refuse treatment that they do not understand or do not wish to receive
    4. The right of patients to be advised of any changes in the care plan before they occur and to be informed of any consent necessary for risky medical procedures
    5. The right to be fully informed of all financial aspects of the provider’s care to avoid hidden costs or care that the patient cannot afford
    6. Patients will be given all contact information for the provider and be advised about what to do in the event of an emergency
    7. Patients will have the right to make any complaints or file grievances against the provider without fear of retaliation or discrimination
    8. Patients can expect every caregiver to act in an ethical manner
    9. Patients can expect the provider to comply with state and federal laws regarding home care
    10. Patients can expect to receive proper continuity of care from the provider.


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