Coaches Getting Lots More Clients – Make an Exciting High Value Offer to Them

The Secret to getting coaching clients lined up outside of your door begging you to help them get what they want.

If so, answer this question, What are you worth? and offer that to your Life Coach in Kansas prospects. People buy the most clear thing they can buy, with the highest value they can buy.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a life coach, business coach, career coach, health coach, relationship coach, or whatever coach. It all boils down to what specific results you deliver, and how valuable and exciting it is. So make them an offer that is OMG, got to have, do anything to get that, and they will line up in front of your door begging you to give it to them. Value can be dollars, time, or an exciting great result that no one could EVER reach by himself.

What you are worth is the most important question you’ll ever be asked. It’s change your business, your income, your number of clients, IF you are selling a value that is exciting. Your coaching success depends on it. When you don’t have an answer for that question you don’t have many clients. It’s that simple.


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