Are You Evolving?  

Are You Evolving?  

We probably all know by now about Global Warming and yet there is more. Our world is in a dynamic time of change and it is essential that we remember that we have the capacity and the responsibility to change with it. We are evolving as individuals and    evolve power  as a global community.

The sea surface temperature is rising which is increasing the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes, up from 50 every 5 years in the 1970’s to 90 every 5 years in the last decade (Science).

There is significant scientific evidence that suggests Earth is undergoing a magnetic pole reversal, something that hasn’t happened for more than 700,000 years a sure sign that the planet is evolving.

Solar flares continue to increase and one of the largest ever recorded occurred on September 7, 2005 causing disruptions in electrical systems throughout North America (NOAA Space Environment Center).

Since 1979, the size of the summer polar ice cap has shrunk more than 20%, causing a global rise in the evolving sea level (NASA).

2006 was the warmest year on record for the United States (National Climatic Data Center).

Now, I’m not sharing this information to spread fear (there is enough of that out there!) but to awaken the awareness that we are indeed in a time of change and a time of choice!

The paradigm on our planet is shifting from the old way of control to the new way of cooperation. As a global community we are evolving from competition to creativity, where we claim our power as co-creators. We are evolving from lack and limitation to limitless abundance and prosperity. In our global consciousness we are evolving from fear to freedom, from force to power, from powerless to powerful.

And the gift is that we get to choose!

As a planet, as the human race, as a collective conscious, and as individuals we are evolving.

Here are some things you can do to support you in your own evolution:

  1. Go on a negativity diet and expand to open more to the feelings of joy and love. Turn off the tv, the news or anything scary as you’re evolving. Let go of the need to gossip, criticize, or complain. Read and listen to powerful, positive inspiring works every day that will lift your spirits. Actively look for what’s good in yourself, others, and life. Express gratitude for it.
  2. Consciously choose what you desire for yourself and for the world. Choose powerfully, positively, and consciously. Remember, if you don’t choose you are accepting a default pattern and choosing for everything to remain the same. Whereas in the past you may have focused on what you don’t choose to experience, begin to shift your focus to what you DO choose. What you focus on expands and as you are personally evolving your focus is essential.
  3. Visualize what you choose with all of your senses as if you are playing your mental movie at least 5 minutes every day. Love your visions, knowing that you have the power to create the life you love to live.
  4. Meditate by relaxing your body and relaxing your mind to open a channel to Higher wisdom and understanding for at least 5 minutes every day.
  5. Pray with heartfelt emotion and with gratitude as if you have already received, knowing that your prayers will always be given one of 3 answers: yes, not now, or I’ve got something better for you. Pray Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion, and Truth.
  6. Be a living prayer as you move out into the world as a force for good in the world. Remember, your smallest action can make a huge difference in this evolving world. While efforts to send support around the world are ongoing, consider the needs of your own community as well.


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