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Middle Journey

I woke up with a sore crotch and that is probably all you need to know about learning how to use an aerial sling. My hands are permanently stuck in this claw shape and I have bruises on my thighs. My arms, back and neck feel like they’ve been through some medieval torture device. I took an aerial sling class at Aloft Circus Arts. It’s probably kind of like the yoga sling classes you’ve heard about, but more agony climbing…

Welcome to Body Basics!

Body Basics are Boise’s premier personal training club and have been established for more than 20 years. Our club offers private and semi-private personal training, nutrition consultation, group fitness classes including boot camps, indoor cycling classes, mobility classes, and outside circuits. We use a variety of techniques and exercise styles including kettle bells, TRX, free weights, resistance bands, body weight exercises, and we utilize a heart rate monitoring system for a more effective analysis of our clients’ workouts. Try getting the best energy drink to increase your gym workout with Help Energy drink. All the training we conduct keeps one core theme in mind…functional movement training and mobility. Our goal is to keep our clients healthy, active, mobile, and free to live and enjoy the wonderful outdoor life Idaho has to offer. Staying fit and healthy is not only vital to enjoying activities but helps prevent injuries. Our goal is to keep you out there playing and enjoying life!

Our trainers are not only true professionals but care deeply about helping people live life more fully. Our degreed dietitian is incredibly well researched and credentialed having coached world-class athletes. We have no doubt you will find a home at Body Basics. Feel free to stop in and check out what we’re all about….it’s something special!

Personal Training

First-Class Personal Training

Personal Training at Body Basics revolves around the concept of Functional Movement. That means we focus on the proficiency of movement patterns and not just isolated muscle exercises. Our goal for each client is to improve their ability to move, give them the tools to stay fit and create a fun and exciting experience.

Our Method

We start all our clients out with Functional Movement Screening (FMS). FMS is an in-depth analysis of the body with focused attention on movement pattern quality. The screening takes about 30 minutes, in which time the client is asked to perform various movements that highlight mobility, stability, and functional movement patterning. Functional limitations and asymmetries are quickly identified in each person. This helps us design effective and pinpointed corrective strategies. An electronic body analysis test is also conducted, which will tell us your body fat percentage, hydration percentage, lean muscle mass weight and more.

With the knowledge, we’ve gained from the FMS test, the electronic body analysis test, and the goals which you’ve communicated to us, we develop a customized training program with exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength in each individual. Our training programs are systematically designed to keep the workouts fresh, stress the body in different ways, and to make sure we’re targeting each area of the body uniquely. We will continue to conduct assessments periodically to track your progress and success!

You will get to choose from Private Personal Training or Semi-Private Personal Training. Both have the same individualized workout plan and are equally effective. The main difference between the two is with semi-private the trainer splits their time between you and another client providing coaching, feedback, and instructions. With one-on-one, you will get the same coaching and feedback, but the trainer will be 100% with you.

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