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Brooks Media Group provides the services you need in order for your business or dealership to be more capable and profitable. We have the tools, resources, and experience to assist our clients with running and promoting a successful businesses, no matter the size or industry.


Growning pains? We make growing easy!

Growing and developing your business can be hard and frustrating. BMG is here to help consult with you in order to make growing easy and carefree. Doesn't get much better than that!

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Brooks Media Group marketing packages come with tools and services you will love.

Website Compliance Submissions

BMG will submit your website to the compliance headquarters
of your brand to make sure you are advertising and operating
within the manufactures specific guidelines.

Building Relationships

BMG helps you establish new and build upon
existing relationships with your clients. We strive for
success and we don't win unless you do.


Marketing plans made personally for your business.

Business plans are the foundation for building a reputable and successful company. We make it easy to plan and create strategy’s that will setup your business for profitability for many years to come.

You can do it all with BMG

  • Business Planning

    The business plan is the foundation of your business venture. However, most entrepreneurs are too busy with other priorities – such as developing products, finding customers, and recruiting a team – to prepare a compelling business plan. Since 2001, Brooks International, LLC. has helped entrepreneurs develop business plans that helped to raise over $1.2 billion in capital.

  • Market Research

    We do the hard work for you. We will shop your competitors to see how your business practices align with your market and geographical region. We don't want you to be as good as your competitors. With our help, we want you to be better than your direct competition.

  • Custom Applications

    Programs and Applications are what makes Enterprise businesses successful and profitable. BMG will work directly with you in order to build and implement programs that will allow your company to prosper and be able to handle the growth easily and cost effectively.

  • Cloud Software

    We didn't invent the concept of “versionless software” but we know you don't care what version you are running as long as it's the most current! Our parnter hosts everything so you don't have to worry about managing software, security, pci compliance, SSL certificates, email campaigns sending, site monitoring, backups, and servers.


High quality graphics help your business stand out.

Customized graphics and media are what make your brand stand out. Here at Brooks Media Group we have a Creative Team that is dedicated to designing custom artwork that is both visually appealing as well as effective.

“Flexible and attractive designs, incredible recommendations, and prompt support make this an outstanding group. Well done BMG!”
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6 reasons to do business with Brooks International, LLC.


Years in Business

Since 2007, we have been assisting our customers with technology. As needs change, our company adapts and continues to grow.


Speed of Services

We understand your time is important to you. That's why we put you first with the goal in mind to always over deliver.


Services Provided

Our companies offer multiple services for both Businesses and Consumers in order to get things done on your time, on time!


Business Partners

We understand everyone is on a budget. We partner with top corporations and vendors in order to provide you the best possible products and services at affordable prices.


Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority here at Brooks International, LLC. It's our corporate culture to provide 110% Customer Satisfaction to all our clients.


Honesty and Integrity

Brooks International, LLC. strives to be completely transparent with our clients. No surprises. We provide you with the information necessary to make informed buying decisions.

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Happy customers since 2007


Company Growth & Advancement

We are also dedicated to improving the environmental footprint of our company and helping our customers do the same. Connecting the world we live in without compromising the planet we live on.

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