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Shall I have that box?

I've never been able to handle responsibility.

There she blows!

Ginger is very useful in the winter period.

Believe me.

How long has George studied Portuguese?

I don't have anything to hide.

Your mother must have been very disappointed.

She looks nice and healthy.

Democracy is an idea that goes back to the ancient Greeks.

I told her to wait for me.

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Calvin doesn't think Penny's plan is feasible.

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How do you know so much about me?


I did some checking.

They fought to the last man.

He couldn't calculate the price of the collection.

What do you think this could be?

Are you sure that's Karl's trumpet?


Who wants to go shopping?

Christmas is coming soon.

Here's the leader!

I love to see Michiel smile.

His conceited attitude makes me mad.

He came back home before eight.

Why would Jay be coming to see you?


We are all liable to disease.


Be careful. You might hurt yourself with a screwdriver.

The winter has been very cold.

I'm glad I could be of service.

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Maybe we should go back to Boston.


I suppose you'll let her go.


I'd like to stay here as long as possible.

Per didn't know Stanislaw would be there.

Is there a problem with that television?

I wore several hats at my last office so I'd like to specialize this time.

That's no longer a problem.


She helped me in a very sticky situation.

This dog and that fish are mine, but that bird not.

I asked Jun to play the guitar.


I'm going to go get Del now.

It seemed as if she was going to faint.

I'll speak with him alone.

Are you a girl or a boy?

I'm not planning anything.


We were allowed to speak either in English or in Japanese.


Charlene is an amazing man.

The heavy rain kept the children in all day.

You look very lovely tonight.

She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

I haven't heard from Tanaka for the last six months.


Get them to show you that.

Determination is a key to success.

We'll take care of them.

It happened that he appeared when she couldn't decide which way to go.

Ignorance is not bliss.


Yes, mistress.

Ahmet is the same age as Alvin is.

Christopher Columbus wasn't an explorer because he loved the sea. He was an explorer because he hated Spanish jails.

I found a brilliant boy for him.

Kim, this is Gene.

It's a town of three thousand souls.

I think you hate Bryce about as much I do.

I know absolutely nothing.

I'm going to wash my car.

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He is good at dealing with children.

I put off writing for over a month.

I think there is little probability of his succeeding in the enterprise.

I got out straight after getting my century because I was being too complacent. I let my team down.

The hill overlooked the sea.

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Paula and I cooked dinner on Sunday.

You should've seen their faces.

The announcement was made Monday.


Did you see the transcript?


Give Jones the gun.

People stopped and stared at Maureen.

After a deep sleep I feel very good.

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Are you a high school student?

I like chocolate ice cream!

I'll tell you all about it later.


I can see Rik's house, even her pink Mazda, using Google Map's street view feature.

I was just thinking of a new job.

Is your father here yet?


Have you ever massaged your legs with this ointment?


Charley painted his son's bedroom with images of dogs and cats.

The event starts at 8pm.

I got married when I was nineteen.

You need someone you can trust.

I accidentally threw an expensive knife into the trash.

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He is always a step or two ahead of the times.


I had too much to drink and I can barely walk.

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We were ordered to do that.

We bake traditional bread.

Spencer brought me here.

My shoes are bigger than yours.

I had never seen such an exciting rugby match as one I saw yesterday.


This is curious.

Nobody is so busy that they cannot find time to read.

Richard said his mother was ill, which is a lie.

I feel a little insecure.

In the American continent, the consumption of fast-food has tripled between 1977 and 1995.

Torsten couldn't see anybody.

I'd like to find out why Damon lied to me.

Can I pay a credit card?

Take the first street to the right.


London's climate differs from that of Tokyo.

Alain said you were upset.

Why are you protecting us?

She may have been beautiful when young.

Tahsin is a little too old for me.


I've got a keen-edged knife.

What do those words in the Arabian flag mean?

Lynne needs to take a bath.

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I thought maybe I'd go to the supermarket and buy something for dinner.

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We have already passed the peak of the summer heat, but it's still hot during the day.

Carsten saw a crack in the wall.

How fast is your internet connection?

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I'm just saying you can't blame me.

I knew that.

Jeremy has a huge crush on Ruth.

Everyone knows I'm Raul's girlfriend.

It may not be ready yet.


What do you think I should buy?


Samuel Johnson draws his own portrait as "a hardened and shameless tea drinker, who for twenty years diluted his meals with only the infusion of the fascinating plant; who with tea amused the evening, with tea solaced the midnight, and with tea welcomed the morning."


What time do you think Skip will be back?

It's not a crow, but a jackdaw.

Everybody dies.


Many fear that cuts in the defense budget will undermine the military's effectiveness.

I don't remember anything about the incident.

I've come to the same conclusion.


You're good with kids.

Traditionally on April 1st, people pull pranks on each other.

How did this all start?

All of the instruments Tycho Brahe used to observe the sky were made in his own workshop. He also printed all of his books on his own presses.

Is there fun in scaring children and arresting people in the middle of the night in their own country?

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Francois has lost his umbrella.


We need to have a chat in private.

I want some salt for my meat.

Keep an eye on the child for me for a moment.

I'm still very undecided.

I'm still riveted by day-long sports.

Evan is taking good care of Justin.

She loves the child as if it were her own.


Hsi wants to get out of town.

Gene has a large penis.

Griff didn't ask any questions.


However hard you may study, you can't master English in a year or so.

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Mah wanted you to come.

From now on, let's eat lunch in the kitchen.

I want it all.

Your parents kept an eye on us.

He was guilty of making a mistake.


I understand what you're going through.


Give me three months.

If I am a fool, you are another.

Is that hard to do?